Logan and Astrid

astrid lay on her side thinking about her next move. she scraped at her cuticle menacingly, wishing that she had been born without a gene for cuticles. she thought that there was no purpose for cuticles. of course there must be some heavenly plan for the wretched things, but she had no specific use for them at this time and at this very moment they annoyed her extremely.

astrid turned over on her back and looked up at the ceiling, she realized she was not the only human being on the planet right now, she also knew she was not the only human being that ever existed. at some point in time either previously or in the future, there was most likely a use for cuticles. she had to press away the annoyance of such things. thinking about such things was obscure and pointless right now, even if it might be of a significant use later. right now, she had to think of her plan to get Logan to notice her.

she listed the facts, Logan was a new student, he had only two “friends”, Sara, and Nik, who were of a sarcastic breed of human. she liked. Logan ate lunch alone. Logan was attractive and, generally, attracted attention, from everyone. Logan didn’t care. astrid was thankful. the only downside of this was Logan also didn’t care that he attracted her attention. He didn’t even seem to notice….

Logan had transfered to Avant High from a different state. South Dakota, South Carolina? she wasn’t quite sure. She hadn’t really been able to formulate the right setting for a conversation between herself and Logan.

Her friend Abby (a really annoying fat person who she put up with so that she could look like she had a friend) said that it was possible that Logan wasn’t the one.

That was, in fact, possible. But probable? Was it probable?

astrid didn’t know what was probable.

astrid needed sleep, or coffee. she also didn’t know which of those was the better option. Right now it was about 4 ish in the morning. Monday morning. astrid looked horrible. she could drink coffee and throw herself into her appearance and check her homework. or, she could sleep a little bit, and then wake up feeling exhausted. if she didn’t sleep, then she would end up falling asleep not only in class but right when she got home from school, but if she did sleep she might be late for school and have a similar outcome but go to school looking way better. she could say that she was ill.

that was sort of true, she was lovesick and had a horrible problem with insomnia.

astrid needed help.

astrid woke up at 11 am.


astrid arrived at school in a very sensible outfit. A Chanel pantsuit and jimmy choo stilettos with the “smokey eye” look. it was covering up the fact that she had sunken in eyes from a serious lack of sleep.

The outfit was a distraction. Hopefully people would think it was extremely attractive and cool.

what actually ended up happening was

“How did you interview go, Ms. Taylor?”

“I love your face… can I have some of the extra mascara?”

“OMG, your heels, I would so borrow them, but you pull them off so well…. except you actually, don’t.”

astrid replied, “wow, great insult, Rebecca, can I borrow some of your street smarts? I’m going to need that if I don’t get the job….”

that made everyone shut up, and then someone happened to walk by. it was Logan.

everything went in slow motion and wind was blowing his blonde hair in the school hallway, and his peircing blue eyes, pierced into her soul.

Logan walked up to astrid and simply said, “I always like the way you look.”

then he walked away.

everyone who happened to be in the hallway at the time just watched as this happened.

Astrid’s mouth dropped open and as he walked away she turned around and she walked away, in the wrong direction. Logan turned, and called, “Astrid, are you coming? We have Art together. It’s this way.”

Astrid couldn’t actually form a response at that time so she, with her mouth wide open continued nodding and followed after him at a quicker pace than she would normally walk in high heels.

When she caught up to him, he said. “Adjusting to new things can be hard. I would know.”

Astrid kept nodding with her mouth open.

“Do you do a lot of art outside of school?”

At this point she was a little surprised the conversation was still happening. She wasn’t sure what to say.

She just closed her mouth and looked down.

He said, ” I really like art.”

She continued nodding.

He looked at her with a confused look on his face.



“It’s Logan.”

“Yes, Hi.”

They quickly arrived at the art classroom with little silence between that moment and the time they sat in their seats.

Logan smiled at astrid when he sat next to her.

“Hello, everyone, I know that most of you artists don’t know me, I’m a substitute teacher, but I do have a bachelors degree in art, so I will be giving you an art assignment today. I think it’s really exciting what we learn from perspective sometimes so I’m very interested to see what we all find out from this assignment… We will be creating a piece of work based on the partner I assign you. You don’t have to know that person. It can be based on visuals alone. So, the person you happened to sit next to today, will be your partner, Caleb and Maria!, Nina and Toby, Logan and Astrid, Devin and Devon, well that’s interesting!, Harold and Jenny, and last but not least, Mary and Cary. You can use any supplies or tools in the room to create the work and the only rule I have is that you don’t use any words in the piece except to sign your name. Please do not include the person’s name that you are creating. I want all of you to realize at all of us are at different artistic levels so we should not and may not make fun of anyone else’s work. Everything that exists in the world is art. Trash is art. Dirt is art, Blood is art, please do not harm yourself or anyone else to make this piece that is against school rules. The human body and all of it’s cells are art. There is nothing that exists or can exist that is not art. I do not know if your teacher will grade you on this assignment. I know it is possible. Please try your best. I do know that the person will be able to learn something from it. Please take this seriously.”

Logan stared at Astrid’s profile and she pretended not to notice.

She looked down and was again picking at her annoying cuticle.

Astrid decided that she knew that she had to not make this about her crush on Logan but about Logan himself, so she needed to get some supplies.

After two hours of pain, she was not finished with her piece. neither was Logan. They could not look at each other’s unfinished work.

Mr. Danforth said, “Thank you guys for putting your all into this project, it means a lot to me. I may see you or I may not, but if I do or if I don’t, it doesn’t matter, because what matters is that we are art and artists.”

Logan looked at her and then he grabbed his things and rushed out of the room.

Astrid was very confused. Again.

I guess I have to go pretend to be Abby’s friend.


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