of plans and parts and starting things that should stop.

omg. i’m so annoyed. my sister has been planning her stupid wedding for like idk like 4 months at least. since the MOMENT that she became engaged. her fiance, since the moment he proposed, he became unengaged from the entire idea. it is clear to me AND NO OTHER PERSON that he is using her. and my entire family. for convenience. it’s also clear to me that the reason he would do this is because he is incapable of reproducing, my sister is a slut, he thinks he’s doing her a favor because it’s clear to everyone EVEN ME that she is a cheater, she’s NEVER allowed herself to fall in love or even remotely close, and right now she’s planning a stupid pinterest wedding that becomes more and more extravagant as time goes on. it’s very annoying and if this were father of the bride and she was actually in love it might be remotely romantic and funny, but that is not even close to what’s actually happening. she is soaking up everyone’s attention. first what happened was she had a baby and everyone was obsessed with her because she had an adorable baby boy. who was AMAZING. now she doesn’t take care of him and she’s a horrible mother but she still occasionally told that she’s amazing on Facebook because she posts pictures of potty training and other things that happen on Facebook. the truth is that potty training my nephew is taking a way longer time than normal and fecal matter ends up in his pants all the time because he is afraid of the potty. he doesn’t obey his mother because what happens is she rewards him with candy and she doesn’t punish him at all. the only punishment method used is time out for like 5 seconds. my nephew is the greatest love i have ever had. but i would have spanked the shit out of his booty a long time ago if he was my child. and it would have been legal and i would not have had cps called on me. all the time her and her fiance argue about who is going to change a diaper or put someone in their carseat. they are lazy

lazier than me

i am not going to their celebration of love life and coming together because i would not be able to celebrate.

i am not happy for them and their choice.

they are lying to themselves and everyone else.

my sister doesn’t need a wedding planner.

she has less than 100 people coming to her wedding.

she is getting married in a barn.

literally. animals have not only given birth in there, but they have gone to the bathroom in there.

talk about the disgusting circle of life.

it’s not romantic.

it’s so rustic that you have to travel like 3 hours from my house which is like 45 minutes from downtown san antonio to get there.


and that’s not the romantic old fashioned quaint type of building that i would like to visit on vacation. literally i would never go there except for the fact that my sister happened to be getting married there.

that’s when you know you have picked the wrong spot to get married.

also when every living relative you have is coming to town that you could have a family reunion but actually what also happened was you skipped the last family wedding as well, bc you have a realistic distaste for ceremonial things even funerals, it’s better to just skip town.

i watched play it cool or something like that today and it was really emotional for me. what was actually more emotional for me was watching phantom of the opera yesterday. i cried for several seconds. at the moment when emmy gave gerard her engagement ring. i didn’t remember that actually happening. so then it was even more emotional when he gave it back after the auction and raoul (stupid, ass) gave her the phantom’s own monkey wind up toy. because when you think about those things you realize that no matter what happened in between her leaving the phantom and the opera house in general and the fact that she ended up with some count who she used to know when she was young and was uglier than the phantom legitimately. the truth was that i really believe if i was christine that my heart would belong to the phantom i just not might be able to be with him in those specific situations.

so when i watched play it cool, i was watching chris evans start out as a complete douchebag. he was a jerk.

he was pretending not to be a jerk when he met this girl.

and then he didn’t even get her name when he realized she had a boyfriend.

and he lost her.

and then he basically went a got a blowjob and was like STOP.

and the girl was like OMG. this is stupid and he was like, yes it is.

so then he goes and rants about this girl for the majority of the movie and tried to convince himself reasons why he should be with her.

and what ends up happening is pretty interesting..

there were some major similarities in some of the characters in the movie in some people that i have met before.

that was also interesting.

i have to say that i don’t like aubrey plaza. i don’t think she portrays characters that are not likable even though she is generally an attractive person. i like the sound of her voice and i like her hair and her face is generally nice looking when the makeup is applied correctly. when she wears clothes that i approve of i like her. but for some reason, she is cast in horrible roles. there is a bad thing about the world that i live in. i don’t like it. i don’t want to be part of this.

things should change.



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