Share your meal plan for the week.

MON – we had steak and potatoes.

TUE – we are having smoked turkey, carrots, leeks, and black eyed peas.

WED – this is not set in stone but we will most likely have deer steaks and garlic potatoes and salad

THURS – I think it would be a good idea to have chicken breast and green beans and a salad

FRI – it could possibly happen that we have Lasagne since my dad is going out of town.

SAT – my dad will still be out of town. we will probably have pizza. we have a frozen smoothie so we might have that.

SUN – my dad will be coming back on this day so we will probably have something chill, so it could possibly be random things from the refrigerator and freezer or hot dogs or something because it’s probable that everyone will be extremely tired and busy.

now that i have this all written out i think i will create a cool printout of this plan. the only problem is I’m not sure where we have a printer set up. i will have to start a journey to find the missing printer.


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