to you from me for christmas.

sometimes when i see your face i act in hate

immediately i respond, danger calls and regret is the fate

of one like me who can’t even see the love which is from you to me

just like another who neither one of us can see

no longer with us is she now

she once prevented you from taking bow after bow

someone who taught you to be so humble

appreciative giving and even sometimes causes you to mumble

just being in her presence was a gift because now i know

mothers are the ones who show

who we are going to be through life isn’t how we struggle

it’s what we believe we should be even if we are a muggle

sometimes we should try to understand our mothers

and then mothers can understand their daughters

the big mess of life can be misled completely by a misunderstanding

and then repaired by a bit of TLC and standing

by a tall oak tree that has a significance to you

and that can be passed on anew.


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