What did you think was the coolest job in the world when you were younger? Do you still feel that way now?

When I was in kindergarten I wanted to be an archaeologist. I thought it would be so cool to dig through the sands of the desert and travel to world to find pots and dinosaur bones and like egyptian sarcophagus’s and things. I then went up on a stage to tell all of the parents of the kindergartners what I wanted to be and I was embarrassed and all of the other kids had said doctor, so I just repeated it. DOCTOR.

I did NOT want to be a doctor. I don’t like going to the DOCTOR!

I hate shots!

I eventually found out that many of my “friends” said they really did want to be doctors and were talking about how long medical school was going to take. They were all talking about which college their families were going to.

I wasn’t sure which college I was going to. I was 5.

I just knew that I enjoyed going to the Natural Museum of History and looking at the disosaur remains and reading about Anastasia and Amelia Earhart and the Titanic. I thought that these things that no one could comprehend were fascinating and I wanted to study them. I developed an interest in science. I needed to study nature. I often went outside in my backyard to look at bugs. I adopted a lizard and it then died in the shoebox where I kept it because I had no idea what lizards ate. I just thought if I recreated a natural habitat by putting leaves and rocks  and grass in a shoebox I could keep it forever. It died within a week due to lack of sunlight and food.

That did not stop my interest. I was very interested in owl pellets. By then I had a microscope and I was fascinated by the fact that an owl had thrown up a dead creature and it remained almost completely intact. I was basically a teacher’s dream. A straight A student, interested in all subjects, talented in every subject. It wasn’t until 2nd grade that I started to decline in math. Well, in 1st grade I had a problem understanding that anything multiplied by 0 was 0. that just didn’t register with me.

I continued believing I was amazing. I took horseback riding lessons and not only was I interested in riding horses but I was interested in the physics of the ability of the horses’ ability to jump so high even though they weighed so much. I had the experience of feeling just how much a horse weighed when it stepped on my toe. My toenail eventually came off and then thank goodness grew back. That didn’t stop me.

I was very interested in many sports. I took ice skating lessons, horseback riding lessons, I was on a volleyball team, basketball team. I was extremely fast when I was young. In elementary school I could outrun the majority of the boys because of my height and I was very lightweight.

Singing became something I was very talented at and During all of this I took piano lessons and I was in choir throughout my entire young life. I was also involved in church activites.

As I grew older I continued in a different direction. “Friends” influenced me to have different hobbies. In middle school I took theatre and the teacher said that I had the “best lip synching ability she had ever come across”

When I reached high school I had to choose between theatre and choir, I chose choir. I have never once regretted that decision. I had scene some of the school productions during rehearsal and not only did they have less financial support from the school and less talent, the people in the group were far less enthusiastic about what they were doing and I would have been less engrained in my group.

By the time it was time for me to choose a career I felt like my only two talents were Singing and French. At one point during my high school career I felt like I wanted to be a writer. My sophomore teacher really believed in me. He taught us science fiction writing and so everything we wrote was science fiction. My freshman year I was raved about by my english teacher as well. She was very impressed by my first paper which was far longer than expected. It was supposed to be about 7 pages but mines was 13. The subject of my paper was myself which explains why I was able to go on forever, and be so accurate. But when writing about other things, I did well also and there was never an assignment in her class that I didn’t get at least a B.

In science in high school I did quite well along with History. (The exception was freshman geography which I can promise was a bias based on my personality because when I took college world geography I received an A-)

In all of my classes I did exceedingly well. The only problem was that I tended not to be there. I just developed an interest in arguing.

I felt that if that was my interest that I should go into law.

So when I enrolled in University my first major was political science. I had no idea what philosophy was. I had never even heard of it at that point.

I realized that during freshman year you spend your time doing a whole bunch of classes which are a waste of everyone’s time that are supposed to be used to make sure you are really college material.

It’s really stupid because no one tells you this before you go there.

You think you “got into college” so basically that means you are getting a degree at some point. You are paying to go, it shouldn’t be that difficult to just show up and do the home work. It’s the same thing as high school.

It’s so not the same thing.

Not only are you supposed to show up and do home work study, read, and be at like 10 billion appointments every week also eat shower sleep, socialize, have free time for “your needs” drink alcohol, and go shopping. There are all sorts of problems that you couldn’t possibly take into account.

your books don’t arrive on time

you and your classes don’t mesh

you and your professor don’t agree on an atomic level

you continuously have your car towed because you parked in a no parking zone

your dorm is being checked by an RA to make sure your room is clean for “fire clearance”

you might have to wear a uniform and have a curfew and additionally have to go to chapel

you have to go to several events for extra credit in 4 of your classes

you have to do this because you are failing those classes

you are failing your classes because your professor doesn’t agree with your essay not because your essay wasn’t accurate and written in the APA style

you have a LOT of student loans so you have to get a job

you are also doing an internship

you have to do summer school

you haven’t eaten in 2 days

you realized you picked the wrong major for the 5th time

your parents don’t agree with your major

you feel like you need to study abroad

because of all the stress you have you agreed to do the school musical

you accidentally got cast as the lead

you now have to memorize a whole bunch of lines and spend 40 hours a week in rehearsal

some of the rehearsals conflict with your studying and class schedules

it’s getting really hard to prioritize

every single person at the school is trying to recruit you for something

everyone inculding you wants you to be positive and capable and JUST SAY YES!

you drop out of college

bye bye career that you didn’t know what it was….


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