more ava and echo

there was a darkness about echo that ava sensed and was immediately drawn to.

the fact that he had just killed a man had registered with her, and she did realize that even though it was in her honor, she was more interested in if he had enjoyed killing him or not. she wouldn’t ask him. ava was a person who enjoyed taking pleasure in things, dark or light, and soaking up every pleasurable moment. at this exact moment she was holding echo’s hand which was steady, and she rubbed her fingertip on his fingertip and she gained a sensual pleasure from that experience. ava didn’t have an extremely sensual, sexual personality. but she was sexually drawn to echo. she didn’t really care how many people echo killed. or why. the fact was, that she pictured her life as more like a dream, maybe it was real, maybe it wasn’t, so anything that happened, didn’t have to be realistic at all, the more dreamlike it became the more pleasurable it was to ava.

echo responded by saying, “ava would you like to get some ice cream?”

ava smiled sweetly, “of course echo, i mean, we need to eat, but perhaps a meal first. would you like to go to a diner?”

echo stared at ava lost in thought for several long moments, “do you really think that’s a good idea considering my present condition?”

ava wasn’t quite sure what he meant, “echo, what do you mean?”

echo, startled, replied, “what about all of this… blood…?”

ava laughed, “echo you’re so funny! the people at the ice cream store would notice the same amount as the people at the diner, actually, we have a greater chance of being noticed less at a diner if we sit at a booth.”

echo looked surprised, “right, no, of course. i just think i should go home and change. before we go out. i mean, before we go into town.”

ava was simply amazed at this behavior, “echo, it’s alright. you just killed someone who was going to rape me in public. it would be alright if you thought that we were going to go out.”

echo looked extremely uncomfortable, “yeah. i definitely need to change. but first, i need to report what happened to the police.”

ava was now getting annoyed, “echo this is ridiculous. let’s just hide the body!”

echo thought the turn of events was getting more and more unpredictable, “why? no crime was actually committed.”

ava surmised that his defense mechanism was quite strong, that was attractive to her for some reason. “ok, we’ll tell the police. we can submit reports and then they can investigate the entire library and find out what we are really hiding in here.

echo immediately turned and said, “i’ll be right back.”

while he was gone ava went to the office behind the circulation desk and retrieved a key to a lock box. she opened it and retrieved a small item inside and some cash. she put everything back in it’s place and then began to work up her fake tears so that she could call the police. she ran to her car and was going to put the items inside when she realized the police would have to check her car so she ran out to the tree line and dug a hole next to a large oak tree and buried her items in the ground. she did take the cash and put it in her bra.

echo said, “you know what’s weird?”


echo stared into space, “the police weren’t called even though everyone made it out alive….”

ava met echo’s stare. “the police weren’t meant to be called.”

echo looked perplexed, “how is that possible?”

ava looked ashamed, “i will explain everything at the diner. just act as though everything is normal.”

ava’s tears stained her blouse and they kept coming, the police were everywhere and detectives were asking questions and ava and echo were playing along.

echo at this point was also crying, but for a different reason.

the detectives asked them to clear out, and they were glad to.

echo drove ava to his house so he could shower and change, and by this time they were both very hungry. ava decided it wasn’t safe for them to be seen together at a diner, so they stayed at echo’s apartment.

ava began to explain what actually happened, while eating a tuna fish sandwich.

“the man you killed, is my psychopathic banker. he thought he could find out where i worked and just come in and get some anytime he wanted. well he didn’t know i had you. i had an idea too. i was going to go to the bank and get some anytime i wanted, as well. but not just any money, i was going to get some from his paycheck.”

echo was a little surprised, “that would actually make you, like a real prostitute.”

ava hadn’t registered this fact up until now. “wow. i should have thought that through a little more…”

ava and echo began to laugh and laugh, this whole situation brought to light a hilarity they didn’t think was there.

and the laughs turned to crying and that turned to kisses, and they ended up on the floor. and they crawled up onto the bed, and then thankfully before any more mistakes were made permanent, they were asleep.


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