a midnight adventure, a possible kiss

Envy sprang up in Madeline’s eyes. She saw fire. It was spitting. Danielle was sitting with Christopher. She was supposed to be spending her entire life with Christopher. Of course she had to interrupt this horrible turn of events.

She walked over to the fire pit, “Hey guys, I just want to say it was a great party, but the real fun starts at the after party.”

Danielle nodded, yeah, “let’s get in your car Christopher. I love Wranglers! Madeline, you’ve already got a ride, right?”


Madeline thought back to the day when she first met Christopher, it was her 16th birthday. She had moved to town a couple days before. She was so excited because on her birthday she received a new car! Her dream car, a VW Convertible  Bug that had been completely restored by her grandfather was now hers. She was so excited! Christopher had shown her around town that day because her mother and his mother were old friends. He was so friendly but things didn’t really ever get that romantic. But she needed to have him to herself. She vowed that day to try to make him hers.

Write about your character’s parents and their background. Where did they grow up? What was their childhood like? What kind of relationship do they have with your MC?

Because Christopher and Madeline’s parents were friends she didn’t need to prove to her parents that they were meant to be, her parents were pushing her into this relationship as much as she was convinced of it’s authenticity.

Christopher’s mother and Madeline’s mother both went to the same university. In Virginia, an all women’s university existed. They were sister’s in the same sorority and they both bonded because they were roommates in their sorority house, and they were in the same “family”, and they ran together when they were elected for president and vice-president. They had often worn matching clothing, and they had both rallied anti-war movements on campus and basically they were each other’s other half. They got married within a month of each other, and their husbands worked in the same field and once Madeline moved to town, her father joined Christopher’s father’s softball team. Madeline’s father now worked at Christopher’s father’s company in the same department and there were a lot of family gatherings. But the fact remained that their parents were better friends than Madeline and Christopher were.

Madeline and Christopher didn’t spend much of their childhood together except for at alumni events for the sorority that they both got dragged to.

They were in high school now and the truth was they didn’t really know much about each other. Christopher could be hiding something. Or was it a different reason that he was avoiding a relationship with Madeline.

Madeline decided to do the obvious thing and ask her mom about it.

“Mom, what do you think Christopher does when he’s not with his parents?”

Melanie wanted to comfort her child by lying but she would basically be hiding about the entire male gender and she didn’t want to do that because she wanted her daughter to grow up to be a sister of the same sorority.

“He probably parties.”

“Should I do that?”

“It really depends…”

Dive into your character’s head. Write a stream-of-consciousness from a character’s POV.

As a person who just got into the car with my ultimate conquest, I have a few things I need to note. First, I’m SO glad, that he didn’t insist that Madeline come in the car with us. There are so many pros to that. 1. She could get into a car accident and die. 2. She could get lost and never make it to the after party. 3. We could get lost somewhere and  need to ask a stranger for directions and this display of weakness in front of me would make his vulnerability visible to me and then I would be more likely to be his girlfriend. 4. We could run out of gas or have a car problem and then get stuck somewhere and inevitably have to sleep somewhere other than our houses or the after party and end up having sex most likely in a motel or the car, or even the woods. There are some cons that I’d like to ignore… They are pretty outrageous and most likely not going to happen. So are the majority of my pros but I don’t care, I like to think positively. Second, I’m so glad that Christopher seems to value my human side. It makes me feel so alive. When Madeline is around I just want to murder her so I need her to leave. I can’t imagine the three of us being able to be closed into a small space for a long time. A short time would be too long for me. Third, Christopher is such a wonderful person, I’m so glad that he’s alive, now, here, with me also being alive, currently. SO, I think i’m going to come up with a scheme to remove natalie, I mean, Madeline from the picture. My mother, she was never a part of their perfect family friendship. And my father, while he’s on the softball team, never was valued as a main member of the team because he’s not part of the “clique”. I think Chrstopher can see a huge issue with this humongous problem and wants to fix my family. I plan to step up my family’s game, with me at center stage. Christopher right beside me, and that DWEEB, can’t even decorate.

Have a character make a confession.

Christopher had he been aware of the thoughts inside Danielle’s head, might not be so quick to tell her this very important thing. Driving down a muddy path through the woods in his old Wrangler, the window’s down, wind flowing through the car, the smell of the woods in the air, the sounds the of the crickets and owls and other woody things living in the crooked trees and bushes were there, the presence filling the space between Danielle and Christopher.

Christopher had been waiting for several years to tell someone this. He didn’t much care for Danielle, but he wasn’t really aware at the true depth of Danielle’s true madness, and evil, but he would soon find out.

“Danielle we need to talk. I know you like me. I think you really like me a lot. But I haven’t been able to confess this to anyone. I’ve been so afraid of what people might say. There has been so many things happening lately in the media, People have been taking things so out of proportion and exaggerating everything. I’m not even sure how I feel about it.”

Danielle was extremely bored. “Oh my GOD. Are you gay?”

Christopher was very embarrassed. He hid the truth. “No, no I”m not. I’m not gay. I’m having trouble processing what it really means to be an NRA activist.”

Danielle was SO bored. “OMG what’s an NRA activist? Are you a terrorist?”

Christopher rolled his eyes. “OMG Danielle you are so thick, I am NOT a terrorist.”

Danielle was very offended at this accusation. “Are you calling me fat?”

Christopher was extremely annoyed at this point, “What if I was? Would it really matter? You just accused me of being a terrorist.”

Danielle was extremely angry. “You know. I started out tonight thinking that we would have sex. But that’s the last thing I want to do with you. I’m going to tell everyone that YOU ARE a terrorist!”

Christopher, “Ok, well I”m going to tell everyone that you are a dumb blonde, maybe they will actually believe me, because that rumor will be true!”

Inspired by Halloween, include a trick or a treat in your next scene

Luckily the wrangler arrived at Judy’s house right on time. Tons of people were dressed in Halloween drab, though Danielle and Christopher weren’t and though a sad silence drifted back and forth between them as they slowly walked toward the house, when Madeline came driving up to the Cabin she had already changed into a completely different outfit (sort of). She was now wearing a cheerleading outfit with a red cape over it and braided hair like little red. She was so excited to be at the after party and to yet again be in Christopher’s company she didn’t notice the horrible vibe between the others.


Write about the person who’s first in your character’s heart.

Christopher was extremely uncomfortable when Madeline arrived but also a bit relieved to have someone else to talk to besides Danielle. She was obviously not his friend or confidant. Christopher’s true ambition was to become very close personal friends with the very special cousin of the host of the after party Judy. Her cousin’s name was Rudolph, but he went by Rudy. He was in college, older than the three of them, since all of them were still in high school and he would be the one providing the alcohol at tonight’s Halloween party. Christopher thought Halloween was exciting normally, and even though he was still very excited, this year he didn’t wear a costume because he was going through his own identity crisis which he wanted to explore very up close and personal, with Rudy, tonight. The thing most people didn’t understand about Rudy was that he didn’t actually get drunk at Judy’s parties. He only pretended. He shared this little known fact with Christopher on the night of their first kiss, when Christopher had also had his first kiss. Rudy’s eyes were the kind of eyes that you looked into forever, the kind of eyes you see once in a lifetime, and then you never want to look anywhere else for eternity.

OR A BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE — Write about the first time a character was truly afraid.

Christopher, when he glanced at these eyes for the first time, had noticed immediately that they were brown, hazel, with specks of green exploding from the iris. Christopher had never really been attracted to anyone before but standing at a party in Judy’s house, more specifically next to the garbage can in her kitchen, a bit tipsy, Rudolph Meyer, had finally caught his attention. Christopher wanted to know what it felt like to penetrate his body. That was his thought at the time. He realized immediately that that seemed gross, and he questioned himself. He was drunk. It was just a man crush. He could not have feelings for someone he didn’t know. He needed to get out of there. But the damage was done, it was too late, Rudolph Meyer had noticed Christopher and was also in fact, interested in him. He followed him outside as he ran away from his feelings. But Rudolph could run too.

“What are you running from? Parties are fun! I’m sure you have nothing to run from in there!”

Christopher stopped dead in his tracks. “Who says I’m running from anything?” he tried to catch his breath.

Rudolph held out his hand, “I’m Rudolph, Judith’s cousin. Call my Rudy.”

“Christopher. Chris.”

“Let’s get you back inside…”

Chris followed him back inside and Rudy led him into his bedroom. There were records and posters of rock bands everywhere, a couple of guitars. Apparently Rudy loved music. A very european style bed lay low to the floor and was made with a navy blue down comforter. The room reeked of comfort, sex, and rock and roll.

Rudy sat on the bed and stared into Christopher’s eyes with the eyes that burn, with passion and desire and warmth and invitation. “Join me.”

Christopher was petrified. He turned to the record player.

WE RUN THIS MOTHER — Write about the first thing a character realized they were good at.

Christopher looked through several records that were just lying on the counter and chose Beating Heart Baby – Head Autimatica. It sounded a bit more interesting as a record than it did on his iPod. He turned back to the person whose presence was haunting him, “Rudy, I see that you have an avid interest in music. how did that all start?”

Rudy took off his shirt which made Christopher very uncomfortable because Rudy was extremely well kept. His body was a well oiled machine. Rudy lie back on the bed and began to talk. “I was forced by my extremely overbearing parents to take guitar lessons at the age of 5. By the age of 5 and a half I realized I enjoyed guitar. When I was 6 not only had I decided I was going to be in a band when I found people who were capable of playing my type of music who were my age, but I was going to learn the other instruments necessary so that I could compose music. I began musical education in different kinds of music, jazz, classical, oldies, rock, pop, choral, all sorts of stuff, i loved it all. I’m a good singer too. I started taking dancing lessons when i was young too. I just loved being on stage. There are just some things you know that are yours for the taking in life. Music was one of mine. Sometimes I look back and wonder if I wasted all my time, but I look at where I am now and I know I didn’t.

EVERYTHING YOU OWN IN A BOX TO THE LEFT — Write about the first time a character broke a promise.

I promised everyone that I was going to stay with my band for the long haul and we were going to go on a national tour and get a contract with a record label and we were going to stick together through the thick and thin. I couldn’t keep my promise. My bandmates, they went to high school with me, I let them down, I let my fans down, I let my family down, I tried to go solo, and I broke up with my band. My friends didn’t have a chance to make it to the big time without me. I could still do it. I have the talent. I have the good looks and charisma. I have the ability to write music. I have connections in the industry. The only reason I haven’t done it is because I feel like such a huge shit for breaking up the band. The fallout was horrible. The girl I was fucking at the time, Lisa Ludlow, she ended up pregnant. The child wasn’t mine, but she just sort of was a slut, and she tried to convince me it was my kid so I had to take a paternity test and a whole bunch of other shit. There was a bunch of other shit that happened.

just keep going…

Rudy finally lay there half naked on the bed and put his hands on his head and just breathed.

Christopher knew there was only one was this could go but he needed more alcohol. “Rudy do you have anything a little stronger to drink?”

“Yeah, of course, I have a mini fridge under the keyboard over here… Can you please get me a beer?”

“Um, yeah”. Christopher grabbed a Pale Ale, and some Canadian Club and a can of coke and sat on the other side of the bed. He politely passed Rudy the bottle.

“Alcohol is a gift don’t you think? If you drink enough of it you can do anything and you will forget it ever occurred. It’s like Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser.”

“That’s one way of looking at it I guess.” Christopher had knots in his stomach. He wanted Rudy and yet, at the same point in time, he didn’t want Rudy. He was really conflicted about this.

He just needed to be really really drunk.

“Rudolph is such a stupid name. Do you think I’m stupid?”

Christopher looked at his eyes and honestly he believed in that moment that Rudy was stupid, but he didn’t want to tell him that so he lied. “No, I don’t think you are stupid.”

Rudy came over to him and he put his hand on Christopher’s face. He stared into Christopher’s face.

Christopher felt as though he was looking at Rudy’s soul. It was so innocent and sweet. He felt that he had to protect it.

Rudy kissed Christopher on the mouth. It was a shock to Christopher’s senses. It started slowly his mouth closed. And then it stopped and he looked at Christopher again. And then he kissed him again this time a little bit firmer, more direct, and their mouths opened and his tongue danced playfully with Christophers. Their bodies and breathing synchronizing to the music, heartbeats moving at the same time to a rhythm inside only they could feel and hear. Christopher thought it was going to go too far, so he jumped up and he ran out of the room and he left the party and now he has returned to the cabin in the woods to the place where he had his first kiss with Rudy.


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