Ava and Echo

his name was echo. he grew up middle class in the suburbs of southtown. he believed in a higher power. he was a theist. he didn’t like to acknowledge this belief too much because it often got in the way of his problems. his life seemed complicated. it all revolved around a girl. ava.

he met her when he started working at the southtown library during college as an intern. ava was a volunteer. they were both avid people watchers more than they were readers but to avoid having other people know this they hid behind books. it was a common interest and an easy way to stay an introvert. echo loved getting lost in his imagination, he often began to read something and then continued looking at the book but made up his own story instead, in his mind, but pretended to read to book.

it was a rainy day, the best kind. echo sat on a window seat on the fifteenth floor in the stacks with a gigantic graphic novel and he stared out the window into the parking lot. he lay comfortably thinking about his situation. people thought he was so friendly but what they didn’t know, was that he had some violent tendencies. he generally avoided people and conversations. he was mostly educated about how things worked, but not how people worked. he didn’t think he was interested in the latter.

there was an exception. ava.

she was so interesting.


who was she?

did she like him?

did she find him attractive?

did she have things in common with him?

would she have fun with him?

what did she do when she was alone?

echo needed to get back to work or he wouldn’t get any credit for his internship.

he stood up from the spot he had been sitting in for a while and walked over to the book cart and began to organize the books and move around the library and put the books on the shelves. he worked in a rhythm with a compulsion to do things correctly the first time. he tried to push his questions about ava out of his mind. hopefully he could see her soon.

echo heard a piercing scream screech throughout the library. “AVA!” echo keeled over. he slowly got up and though the world was spinning he was trying to run towards the scream.

he didn’t know if she was okay. he didn’t know if he was okay. He grabbed a pocket edition of romeo and juliet and also a regular sized version of pride and prejudice.

when he reached the location of the commotion, he realized that a lot of people had left the area. ava was cowering underneath the circulation desk and a man was attempting to drag her away from the area.

echo yelled, “hey you!”

the man simply glanced over at echo. “can I help you with something?”

“yeah you can help me! you can stop being a complete butthead. i’m going to kill you immediately.”

echo marched with the walk of death to grab him  and then flipped him over onto his back and he shoved romeo and juliet into his mouth and then closed his mouth forcefully and then stepped on his jaw and then jumped on his face.

then he took pride and prejudice and placed it spine upwards on his neck and said, “goodbye” and then crushed his neck. blood spurted everywhere and teeth were coming out of his mouth and blood was coming out of his nose.

echo rushed over to ava and looked concerned, “ava are you alright?”

ava looked relieved, “i am now…” and smiled.

ava and echo held hands even though there was blood all over him.

there are some things, about ava, and about echo, that neither of them had to explain.


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