How to Take Control of….

i’m not really sure what the prompt is encouraging me to write about.

i don’t have control of anything.

actually i do have control of one thing.

how to take control of your therapy:

it’s important to create a self awareness in life as early as possible.

try to be self aware of the fact that you aren’t self aware and then you can become more and more self aware.

the more and more you sit there doing nothing and you just sift through your thoughts and present yourself with how you feel at the current moment, the more you will realize who you are at the current moment and the more you will be able to deal with your emotions at any given time. if you can stop and slow yourself down and remove yourself so that you can think about what is happening and deal with a scenario  then you will be able to be a calmer person in general who needs to talk about things less, because you think about things more. this will make you less needy, and more introspective. this tool will give you the skills to be a more demanding person of yourself, someone who expects more of yourself and less of others. this will mean that you will be able to be alone almost always and you will be able to spend so much time in your mind that you will be almost completely satisfied by your own thoughts. that is a great feeling.

this act will eventually cause you to become more and more creative thereby eventually making you expect yourself to choose a career that uses these skills. you will also become more and more interested in learning not only about yourself but about others as well and not only about them but about human history and learn in general.

so while some may accuse you of being a lazy person because you sit and stare into space what you are actually doing is far more important than that.


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