2nd person

When you moved to New York, you weren’t exactly planning on living with your cousin’s friend’s boyfriend. But here you are, in his spare bedroom, listening to him and your cousin’s friend have sex in the next room. The apartments in New York aren’t very spacious and aren’t soundproof. You’d much prefer a loft over this piece of crap dump. It’s designed in such a way that you enter and travel down a skinny musty white hallway to a small living space. This living space has two doors on the right hand side behind the couch which faces a wall which features a fake fireplace on top of which has been places an older model LCD flatscreen. The two doors behind the couch enter two bedrooms which are one wall apart. That explains the ability to hear every single noise your roommate makes. To the left of the couch is  a small rectangular kitchen that is on the other side of the musty white hallway. A third door is in this area. It leads to a shared bathroom that you assume has not been upgraded since 1890. The plumbing is always clogged and weird smells are always coming from the horrid place. You tend to avoid the apartment in general. At this specific time you are trying to take a nap unsuccessfully due to the loud moans coming from your cousins friend. The only reason you are even living here is because you moved here because you thought getting an apartment closer to Broadway would be  better for your audition schedule.

What isn’t better for your audition schedule are these constant interruptions from your horrible roommate and his guests. Last night he had a friend over who ate your dinner and drank your wine coolers. That wasn’t ok.

You were thinking about the possibility of finding another place to live when suddenly an idea came to you. You could live at school. In a dorm room. You could take out a loan and go to school in the city and then you could live completely alone without horrible things getting in the way of your life. Problem solved. You weren’t even on the lease anyway. You were doing your cousin a favor, Well you were doing your cousin’s friend’s boyfriend a favor. But you weren’t obligated to stay there if it was getting in the way of your personal sleep schedule. You didn’t sign a contract. YAY!

You opened up your laptop and began the application process to several universities in the New York City area.

You were very excited. Life wasn’t perfect, but when God closed a door, he opened a window!

Of course, your major? Well, you loved to write… But english? You didn’t really want to do that…

Film? Philosophy? French? Poly Sci? Geography? You had thought about this before so many times. It was such a hard decision. The best major that would most likely provide you a career in life that you cared about was a major that you enjoyed studying and then you could get a job that allowed you to have any liberal arts degree.

You will choose philosophy then. Contemplating weird things logically is important.

You submit your applications and all of your necessary documents and essays to the universities and wait several weeks to hear back.


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