and another challenge i will do, if you read, that is up to you.

day 1 catch up nov 1 –  ten facts about myself

  1. i enjoy talking on the telephone
  2. i have a loud voice
  3. i love art
  4. i love to print things out from the internet
  5. i LOVE to receive and send snail mail
  6. i play a lot of games on my phone
  7. i’m adopted
  8. i’m not a very private person
  9. i’m very adept at manipulation
  10. i love to sing

day 2 catch up nov 2 – goals for the next 12 months

well i’ve already told you my goals for nov. i guess i’d really like to stay healthy and out of the hospital. i would like to make a trustworthy friend that i can see in person and talk to on a regular basis. i would like to travel

i would like to finish a book.

i would like to take a step towards getting a book published

i would like to grow closer in my relationship with jesus

i would like to try to be happy pretty often

i want to laugh more

i want to be content with my situation

i want to have dreams

i want to progress towards independence and self sufficiency

i want to be a trustworthy person so that i can meet other trustworthy people

i want to love even if i am not loved

day 3 catch up nov 3 – songs that remind me of something

ugh. that’s a heavy hitter

stephen – ke$ha – laguna beach

can’t feel my face – the weeknd – the dentist

savior – metro station – car towed

freakshow – britney spears – mickey mouse

smother me – the used – my wedding

extreme ways – moby – master chief

that’s quite enough.. ha

day 4 catch up nov 4 wanderlust places i want to visit




disneyland paris

disneyland tokyo





prince edward island

the bahamas

i’d be grateful to travel anywhere safe.


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