Kathleen and Wen

Kathleen wandered around the hospital wondering when she would see Wen in the Woods again. When she did spend time in the woods she always spent her time with Wen. He was the best explorer, wanderer, and navigator she knew. She knew that when Wen got hurt that it was her fault. She had asked Wen to venture into that wood with her when it was wet. The thunder was present and clouds were pouring rain, they had no umbrellas with them when they wandered into the wonderful woods. But were the woods really that wonderful? Kathleen wasn’t quite so sure anymore. Since when was injured she had returned to the edge of the muddy murky brown and green woods and everything was so vibrant from the thunderstorm even though the sky was a cloudy grey and no sun was shining through the mist, Kathleen was just remembering the incident that led Wen to his stay in the hospital that day. Running back to the red flag, flashlight in hand, fog all around, he tripped on a log covered in moss and found, he had broken a bone, torn cartilage and could not walk, limping back to the edge of the woods with Kathleen as fast as possible, getting back to civilization didn’t seem probable, everything was growing colder by the second, water covering every flat surface, mud was making the footsteps sink in, making their fast paced walk grow slower as time went on. Kathleen though everything in the woods is a booby trap, waiting to kill anyone who steps just inside, no one can explore this place, it’s haunted and no trespassing it says. Lanterns people carry, lights on their phones, people are hiking jogging, biking, running, people just don’t know. There’s poison in these plants, these snakes and spiders, everything is meant to catch you by surprise, no one should be here. Nature is a sacred thing created by an all powerful God, some call Him Mother Nature, some people He is non-existstent and we came to form ourselves due to an explosion and dark matter evolved some nasty goo. That’s gross. What really happened was he decided to make a world far greater, than anyone could predict and he’s the KING OF NATURE.

Kathleen walked along a man made path thinking about all these things, and she decided she was far better staying out of a place where the animals lived and died and survived and ran and starved and there was a fight for survival happening all around. It was somehow better in a city where it was so much easier to ignore that those things were happening in the world.

Kathleen sat on a bench and though about Wen. The man she loved, grew up beside, and his personal opinion. He would disagree with her, and want to go back to the forest. He almost died in there, but he just loved true nature. He wouldn’t care about close calls or anything like that, he would rather die by nature than old age because he is so happy to see it.


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