Pretty Little Pliers (Let’s fix it! Day 5)

One morning, a student of carpentry, young Jonathan was eating a nice breakfast of ham and porridge. His mother Susan was married to his father, Mason, and they were a happy family who worked in the carpentry business. Jonathan was very interested in fixing things, building things, and tearing things down. That was the basis of the business. The most important thing however was laying the foundation for something that you build, that was something Jonathan’s father was always telling him.

After Jonathan had eaten breakfast he carried his dirty dishes to the kitchen sink and began to rinse them off so they could be put into the dishwasher. Susan came over to him and kneeled down, “You are such a good boy, Jonathan. Your father and I got you a present!” Jonathan squeezed in delight. “Oh my! What is it?” Susan laughed, “Well, it’s a surprise of course!”

Jonathan and Susan walked to the large shed where Mason completed some of his carpentry projects. Mason grabbed Jonathan and lifted him up high and yelled “Mr. Toolbox, what have we got planned for today?” Mason put him gently back down. Jonathan was so excited that he smiled so his dimples showed and he said, “Mama said you got me a surprise!”

Mason pretended to think about it for awhile, “Did she now? Oh! Now I remember, I didn’t think it was for you because it was decorated in pink wrapping paper with ribbon! But it is your surprise!” Jonathan thought that was very odd. Why was his surprise decorated like that? It didn’t matter, for he opened the package and inside were orange pliers. “Well, since you have given me this tool, I have a problem, for now I have nothing to fix!” Mason saw an immediate solution, “We will start work on a project I have coming up!”

Jonathan felt very important, “Okay, let’s do it right now. Right away!” Susan knew she was in the man zone, so she said, “I’ll let you two get down to business and I”ll come back later with some lemonade.” Mason had already brought down an old chair from a ‘To Do’ pile in a different area, “Sounds great, hun…

Mason saw Jonathan hitting random objects with the pliers and said, “Jonathan, those are Pliers, they aren’t a toy, and they aren’t used like a hammer…” Jonathan felt defeated…. “But I was fixing this workbench…” Mason announced that he needed Jonathan’s help with the pliers with a new project. “I’m working on something new. We need to take apart these chairs and tables so that we can attach new arms and legs to them. I want to refinish the base and create an all new design for the rest of the pieces. You want to help right?” Jonathan was a responsible trainee, of course he needed to assist with the project. “What do I do? “Please adjust the pliers to fit over the leg and then we will tighten it and I will pull it off. We’ll do it to all of the extensions and then we can draw what the rest of the pieces should look like.”

“Great!” Jonathan said excitedly and got right to work. They worked for several hours, drank some lemonade, and then refinished the based of all the chairs and the table. To the design board they went. They spent several minutes talking about the design, and then Mason jotted down an old fashioned circular design for all the parts they had pulled out with the pliers. “Looks like you’re finished for the day, son. Great work!, and without the pliers, we wouldn’t have been able to do any of that. See? Not only is your input valuable, but you can create something new by pulling something apart! Now please hand over the pliers and I’ll keep them safe until tomorrow.”


“Son, you know it’s the best way to keep your tools safe, and you too!”

“Okay, I’m going to go make paper airplanes!”

“Good idea!” Mason dusted off his workspace and began to cut pieces of wood into the shapes that he had been designing.



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