NaNoWriMo Day 6

Evelyn Weinstein looked in the mirror every morning when she woke up; that was the first thing she did every single day. She wanted to feel herself age. One day when she was around forty-seven years old, she noticed that she was getting wrinkles around her eyelids and lips. She felt that no one had mentioned this to her and she must have been ignoring this when she looked in the mirror on previous days. These enormous sagging lines could not have crept up on her in the night. She had to get them removed from her face. And thus the long adventurous tale of her search for outer beauty began.

The year was 2004. Evelyn was quite a rich woman, who had aquired a large amount of money from her grandparent’s trust, and even more from another trust her parent’s set up for her that she received when she graduated from college. She received even more money when she won a lawsuit during a huge divorce case that hit all of the New York papers. She was no longer Evelyn Bernstein, but now, Evelyn Weinstein. Not only was her new name more up and coming, she “sounded younger”, so to earn her name, she had to look younger too.

She set up an emergency appointment with her dermatologist so that she could receive a facial that day and some face creams to add to her facial regimen. She took that very seriously. After her appointment, she would the go to see her beauty advisor at her local mall, in Neiman Marcus. Evelyn had to wear the best. Evelyn made a spectacle of herself wherever she went and she tried to do everything to draw attention to the fact that she had money. She donated at charity events, started businesses, served on boards of non-profit organizations, all of this was purely for attention.

So when she realized she may lose some of her attention because she wasn’t as attractive and she was aging, she needed to get some serious work done. She went to get her nails done, a pedicure, and made an appointment for laser hair removal in several problem areas for later this week. She had many emails coming in about a perfume line she was working on, possible fashion week events she could organize, and invitation to charity events across the globe. She needed to get back to her normal life.

She drove her luxury vehicle into a coffee shop parking lot and sat inside after ordering a coconut cappucino. She thought about if this could be a sign that she needed to change things up and go behind the scenes? Maybe her life was outgrowing her? Maybe she need to go on a vacation? Maybe she needed to relax with her friends a little more.

She didn’t have that many friends. Most of them were people who worked with her or thought they could get her to donate to their “Oh so important cause”. It was very annoying. She really wanted someone who enjoyed spending money and living in the now as much as she did. But right now, living in the now wasn’t that much fun.

She needed to go home and order delivery and get like 2,000 cupcakes. She needed bergdorf goodman and j crew, and she needed to redecorate. maybe a loft renovation was in order. the perfect excuse to be out of everyone’s way while she had some sort of facial surgery.

She got in a cab and didn’t get out until she was out of the city and in some random town in a different part of new york. she stopped at a diner. “Thanks so much.” She gave the cab driver a hefty tip.

When she went in the diner, she had a scarf on her head, sunglasses on, and was dressed in Chanel head to toe. A Beautiful lie. She sat in a corner booth where she had been sure no one would notice her, but to her disbelief someone did.

A young woman, about 25, came over to her table after she had been served a cup of coffee and her food order had been taken.  “Hi I’m Rosie. Rosie Copperfield. I couldn’t help but notice you from my table over there and I wanted to come and talk to you. I was lonely and having a bad day. Is that okay, miss?”

Evelyn, took down her scarf and removed her sunglasses to reveal a beautiful queen underneath.

“Yes, Alright. Do you like the coffee here? I don’t it’s a bit undercaffinated, if you know what I mean.”

Rosie didn’t. “I drink decaf” and smiled. “So, are you from around here? You don’t look like you are from around here. I like your taste.

Evelyn looked as though she was from the 50’s. The way she dressed, styled her hair and makeup, and even the way she lived and talked.

Rosie was just, an innocent girl who was like an 80’s broad.

Rosie saw Evelyn, someone older, someone who was a bit out of reach, someone unhappy, and wanted to be like her.

Evelyn thought she had everything together but needed one thing.

“Rosie are you looking for a job?”

“Why? Sure! What kind of job?”

“This job is a job that would require you to do many types of things but mostly you would be my personal assistant.”

Rosie beamed. “Wow, Sure, I can do that. But do you live near here?”

“No, the job is in the city. You can either stay here and my driver will pick you up every morning at 4 am or you can come live in my loft.”

“Wow, I would love to live in New York.”

Evelyn, felt so much better.

She had plans, devious though they were, there were plans.


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