PiBoIdMo day 6

Type (kid, monster, chicken, alien…): star
Name: light / bright

Color: yellow / blue
Food: dust
Item of clothing: sparkles
Book: the bible / a history of time and space
Type of music: electronic / indie
Class: ?

Disposition: happy/ sad
Hobbies: flying / floating
Talents: taking responsibility for a meteors actions/ looking forward to one day exploding and turning into a black hole which will create a time vortex so that everyone can travel through time
Pet Peeves: when everyone assumes that the universe revolves around the sun / when everyone assumes the universe revolves around “light”
Flaws: creates light, but can’t control which colors of light it creates / is very bright but can’t control exactly how bright it gets and is secretly afraid of dying
Secret: doesn’t know what color it is/ is secretly afraid of dying

What is his/her biggest fear? that no one will be able to see the rainbow he created because he is too far away from earth. is secretly afraid of dying
What does he/she want more than anything? to create a space dust rainbow using meteors he destroyed with his massive heat wave / to live longer than “light”
What is stopping him/her from getting it? can’t travel fast enough to earth because he needs “bright to die in order to create a time vortex so he can travel through space and then find an astroid belt to destroy to turn into space belt / “light” is constantly trying to challenge him to explode.


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