321 go

half and half is my favorite liquid said dr white

why is that said dr. black

well it’s 50 percent fat but it’s called half and half. i can’t understand why said dr white

it’s half milk and it’s half fat, there for it’s half and half. said dr black

that’s dreadfully dreary to think about how much fat you must actually be consuming on a regular basis in your coffee said dr. white

dr black in return replied it’s even more dreadful to think about all of the horrible things they do to remove all of the fat from the milk so that it’s “supposedly healthier and it supposedly tastes better” eventually it becomes nonfat and really really gross and only a really uneducated person would drink that. even almond milk is healthier for you than nonfat milk.”

right agreed dr white i enjoy other types of milk, soy milk is gross, but rice milk is really good and coconut milk is good and there are others. but usually my favorite is plain old whole milk. i always buy the organic kind. I love ice cream too.

dr black said yes add ins are good as well, i prefer rocky road or chocolate ice cream

dr white said well i’m getting hungry i think it’s time for a break, an ice cream break wouldn’t you say? haha! tata now i will see you a bit later with the report for forensics.

dr black eyed dr white suspiciously, he was leaving before it was time to clock out for lunch and he didn’t have that much sick time left and he had been using quite a bit of it lately. Shirley from reporting said that if he didn’t give Captain Bryant a legitimate reason for his absences after using up his sick time he would be fired. Dr. black didn’t want to put his nose where it didn’t belong but he was old friends with dr. white, he had in fact gotten him his current job and apartment. they lived several blocks from each other and usually worked with each other. he wondered what dr. white was hiding.

dr. white hummed a sweet tune of the saints go marching in as several officers walked by while he waited to go up the elevator and then when he got in the carriage alone he started singing the star wars darth vader death song. he took his job very seriously. but, a little known fact, was that he didn’t take life seriously. he went out to the parking lot and hurried to his old banged up volvo, he kept meaning to trade it in for a rental, but he never had the time, he always had something more important to do. right now, it was cookies and milk, an ice cream sandwich, and a salmon bagel. all of these things were waiting for him at his mother’s house. He usually went to visit her once a week, but lately she had been sick so he’d been using up a lot of his personal time to spend every moment with her because he feared she would suddenly pass.  He didn’t want to explain anything about the situation to anyone because that would make it real. He was so grateful that his coworkers were somewhat understanding, and worked with him to this point, but sometime soon he would have to spill the beans. he just didn’t want to spoil the beans.

there was a fine line, dr. white’s mother said, between scorching something, and heating it through. Dr. white knew that he was about to scorch the whole thing. when he drove up and parked in his mother’s driveway, food was calling, but first he called to his mother, “wanda?” and he got no response, after looking all through the house he found her in the room no one used dead asleep in an old armchair wearing pajamas. “mother are you alright?”

she woke up suddenly and scared the living daylights out of him. “oh my goodness”

you need to eat. I need to eat we both need to eat. more later


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