a scandalous poem – please be mine.

There was longing in his grip

Tightening firmly he seized his whip

Wanting even though he might be blind

A maiden, blonder, paler, whiter on his mind

Prostitution though was filthy

He made something of it, he was weatlhy

Sometimes he was alone

And tonight his reflection shone

A glimmering reflection

Of his poor intentions

With an innocent girl

He had kidnapped Pearl

From her family

To his homily

Though, nothing could explain

His reasoning in his dying brain

Why he needed this innocence

This poor reticence

His death was coming soon

He could have died this afternoon

So what would it take

To give himself a break

He just had one dying wish

Would this girl give him one last kiss?

Please please please

please me please please please

I am screaming please please please please please please please please please?

I’m not an innocent man

I’m as bad as I can

so you should as well be my mistress through this time

please be mine.


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