you are blind. you tell siri to call the escort service you usually use.

“Hello, How can I help you, My name’s Sugar,” you hear a sensual voice on the phone. You are very turned on.

“Hello Sugar, I’m Richard. I need an escort for tonight. I’d like to take her out but she needs to know that I’m blind. I’ve taken out some escorts from your service before. My favorite one is Candy.”

You hear Sugar chewing gum. She pops it into the receiver. “Yeah, Candy’s free tonight. What time do you want her to come over to your place? Or where do you want to meet?

“Well, I was thinking we could get a cab from my place and go down to a nice hotel on River street. It’s kind of quiet and romantic down there, you know? Have you been there before?”

Another pop. “Yeah, Richie, I’ve been there alright. Candy will meet you at your place at like 7 pm.”

Richard hung up the phone and his service dog helped him clean up the messy house. His service dog’s name was Rudolph. It was ironic because Rudolph was the reindeer who helped Santa see. continue later.


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