NaNoWriMo Continues Day 7

a list of 10 disgusting things that almost every human has done

  1. picked their own nose
  2. had a problem learning how to potty train
  3. pulled out their own tooth
  4. drank their own blood
  5. eaten something past the point of no return (past it’s purchase date)
  6. accidentally eaten moldy bread
  7. popped their own zit, or possibly someone else’s too (even more disgusting)
  8. picked a scab
  9. forgotten to brush their teeth, hair, taken a shower, put on deoderant, shampoo, use soap, or properly clean themselves
  10. deny their own fart

so the next time some beautiful “amazing” person wants to put you down, shove this list in their face, and say, I GOT YOU, BITCH.


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