Na No Write no more.

Just kidding.

My mind has been losing track of my original plan.

it’s been getting hyper sexualized.

that’s unfair to me and my possible future readers. that’s not the point of what my book is going to be about.

i’m not going to write a pornographic novel.

i just keep getting these images in my head and remembering scenes from movings that are over sexualized.

i think my children’s books have been coming along quite nicely, and innocently if i do say so myself.

so i had written some poetry and other “stuff” that was a distraction.

like right now there is no outline, no plan. i have no idea what is going to be a thing.

it could end up being a book about purple space aliens who come into contact with humans searching for a habitable planet and they meet on jupiter.

that’s pretty unlikley.

what i normally end up writing is a story about two young people who end up in a situation which leads to one of them having an emotional crisis and admitting their feelings.

i need a different all around plot.

i need to draw from a different source. though a love story may be fun for me to write, that may not be what my overall audience wants to read. what if teenage girls aren’t my target audience? what if young people in general who like fiction are the target audience? well i will need some inspiration and a totally different relationship structure.

there can’t just be like, oh i like you so let’s have sex every five minutes. this is not a horror film.

it’s also not pornography.

i personally don’t want to watch my future book get turned into a movie if that’s what it’s about and i don’t think the rest of the world does either. it has to be an enjoyable thing. it can’t be disgusting.

so next post here i go something different 321.


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