The Cloud That DiDn’t Have Silver Lining

In the sky there were many clouds and they all had silver lining. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Every cloud has a silver lining”

But Mr. Grey cloud, moved all about the sky, and he was seeing many clouds, coated with silver across the world far and wide. He was sure he was the only one who didn’t have a silver lining.

I’m a grumpy cloud he thought. I don’t contribute anything to the world but mud and slush. No one appreciates me!

Everyone has to use their umbrellas when they go outside and many children avoid going out at all.

What Mr, Grey cloud didn’t know was there was a special child who looked out her window every time it rained and she slept better when Mr. Grey was near, and when she did go outside, though she did wear a rain jacket, she enjoyed getting wet, and jumping in puddles, and playing outside in the rain.

People who like rain are called “Pluviophiles”, something neither of them knew.

The child was named Geneva, and Mr. Grey noticed her one day when he was raining over her backyard. She was wearing a yellow raincoat and singing a children’s song. She was dancing and she was very happy the Mr. Grey was there, but the wind began to blow so Mr. Grey began to pull up more and more of the water molecules from the air into himself and it rained harder and harder and he became larger and larger and Geneva laughed and laughed at this explosion of events.

She went to hide under a tree, and as things calmed down Mr. Grey observed from above.

I must have brought her great joy and love if she is so happy when it rains.

It is because of me!

And at that moment, the sun began to shine and the rain slowed and a rainbow showed, and Mr. Grey saw through the mist many many colors in the sky shining through the other clouds.

So if you are sad that it’s raining, be glad that it’s raining, because if you are lucky, a raincloud might notice you and show you a special treat, a rainbow of colors at which point it will meet, the silver lining that it lacked, and will get it’s happiness back!


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