Share a recipe perfect for Thanksgiving.

this recipe is not a concoction of ingredients you use to make a heartwarming food, but ingredients that will instead, bring together family and of course some brown sugar and maple syrup along with some allspice and cinnamon, would also be nice.

1/2 a cup a forgiveness

1 cup of understanding

1 tablespoon of sarcasm

2 cups of gratefulness

1 teaspoon of unconditional love

1/2 cup of melted dark chocolate

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl with a whisk for 30 seconds. Let sit for 5 minutes. Pour into a bread pan coated with letting go, and heat in a very hot oven for the entire time that the family eats thanksgiving dinner. After the dishes have been washed and the table has been put back to it’s normal way, remove from the oven and let cool. Slice into a pieces for every guest. You will find that after you eat this, everyone will start to laugh about old fights, and want to agree about things they would normally fight about. If everyone is on the same page, then everyone will turn out happy this holiday season. Put down your sword and pull up your blankets.


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