jack woke up to loud music coming from the other side of the bedroom. he couldn’t distinctly tell which machine was playing “into the night” because he had several devices which could play music on that side of the room. a record player for which he had a record of into the night, a computer with speakers, a radio, and an iPod alarm system.

jack was wearing i love my mom boxers that he had received as a gift from his no good father as a crap christmas gift, he only wore them because he needed underwear. jack lit a cigarette and inhaled peace, love, freedom baby. he had a bag packed all the time for impromptu trips. sometimes he left for months across the globe backpacking and paying for it singing and playing his guitar, other times he drove across the us and parked somewhere and worked as a dishwasher at a diner. but he always paid his rent on this place and his “so called girlfriend of sorts” occasionally came here to crash.

they had an off and on thing and she understood he was a free spirit, an artist, he needed to bang other chicks to be inspired, to feel the love, she didn’t really care. he wasn’t really sure if she loved him. he honestly didn’t give a crap.

jack stayed with her because she was the only consistant beautiful thing in his whole goddamn mess of a life.

his parents were a mess, his band never stayed together, he couldn’t constantly keep up a regular relationship, so he had his girlfriend, cindy.

cindy and jack, jack and cindy, no matter how you said it, it sounded right. and they were right, most of the time.

but when jack wok up that morning to “into the night” he could tell that cindy was gone, forever.

he put out his cigarette and grabbed a t shirt leather jacket and some jeans put on socks and shoes ate a quick banana and grabbed some milk out of the jug, and his keys and ran out of that shithole. cindy had a secret place behind her parents house that she would hide secrets.

cindy didn’t live with her parents.

cindy lived with her best friend susan.

susan was well known across the nation to be a slut, whore, hoebag, and bigmouth if there ever was one,

cindy loved her anyway, but she trusted her as far as she could throw her, and that wasn’t very far.

as life went on, cindy had more and more things she had to keep from susan. so she found a place that susan would never go, EVER. to cindy’s parents house.

cindy went there sometimes for a family dinner or get together and when she did she sometimes brought jack tokeo and she showed him her secret spot. underneath the doghouse there was a loose brick. if you lifted the brick there was a key. this key led to a safe in cindy’s parents cellar. it was bolted to the ground. cindy’s parents had tried to have it removed but for some odd reason even the contractor couldn’t unscrew it from the concrete.

so there it stayed for years and years.

jack found the key and snuck into the cellar from a loose window, luckily no one was down there. he opened the safe and all the contents were missing except for one thing. a note.

Dear Jack,

If you found this you will know that I have left and you are the only one who knows how the find me

I have been forced to leave by some very bad people and cannot come home until some tasks have been completed.

I care about you so much more than you can even imagine and I love you so much, If you get a chance please tell my parents I miss them and I love them, but please don’t show them this letter.

Here is a hint for your next clue:

If roses are red and violets are blue, how will you know the place where I first met you

find the location and you will know my salvation but first you must find the thing I lack

for it is a fact the things is, I’m counting on you, Jack.

I first met Cindy in at the Town Hall at a meeting for the mayor to discuss whether or not to fill the potholes on the highway near where we both lived at the time. At a meeting they write down the minutes!

And at the town hall there’s a clock tower! she lacks time. she is running out of time and she’s being held somewhere in the town hall!


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