Chapter One/ The Life of the Rich and Famous Eliza: The Explorer Who Found The Lost World Wonder

Eliza Marion Rockefeller was to inherit a very large estate. This estate included many mansions, a lot of money, items from across the world, and many famous paintings, letters, and objects that were priceless to her family’s history.

She had been taught from a young age to learn about the history of the Rockefeller’s claim to fame and glory, and to present herself as such a person to have earned such a degree of that wealth and honor, fortune, and fame.

When it became time for her grandfather to bequeath some of his fortune to her, he sent her a wax sealed envelope, hand delivered by his personal butler with the following message,

“There are things of which I cannot understand, and did not pursue to know because I had not the time nor interest in the mysteries that haunted those that were taken from me. It’s important that you take into account before you consider unearthing these things, that they could be dangerous, and volitile, and could ruin us. It is up to you to decide what to do with the knowledge of these things. It is with all of my love that I give you my legacy that I have worked so hard to protect and prosper. I expect you to continue to do that and so much more because you are capable of it because you are my family, and I have taught you well, and in blood, I release my gifts to you.

Love, Bernard David R.”

Eliza was so excited, sad, and filled with wonder at what she could achieve with this amount of possibility on her side. She just didn’t know where she would start. She heeded her grandfather’s message, unearthing mysteries hidden in the past could be extremely dangerous. If she was going to do that, not only would she need to do it secretly, she would need to it with someone extremely skilled in such matters.

But first she would begin going through all of the belongings, and houses and volumes she received.

She found on a list of items her attorney approached her with that she received an old house in Boston. She was eager to look at this property and see if she needed to renovate. It hadn’t been vistited by the family in about 10 years and was currently being managed by a one Mr. Manning. She decided not to make an appointment so she could find out how the house was really being kept.

When she arrived in her town car, she rang the doorbell of the large house and it was answered by a renter.

“Hello, I’m Eliza, I’m the owner of this property now, I have inherited it from my grandfather recently. May I take  a look inside? I’d like to decide what to do with the property.”

“Oh of course, I’m Mrs. Chelsea, a housekeeper for the renters. Their names are Amanda and Logan Reynolds. They should be back around 10 o’clock I’m afraid you’ve caught them on a bad night.”

“I’d like to know, as their housekeeper, do they ever require you to do repairs?”
“Yes sometimes. Sometimes I have to change lightbulbs, or work outside.”

“Yes, that needs to stop immediately, have you ever met someone named Mr. Manning? Or heard your employers speak of him?”

“I think I have heard of him before.”

“Well I will not have my property being managed by someone who is incapable of doing their job. I see that you have done your job quite well, though I am not in charge of that, but if your are ever in need of a different place of employment my home is always open to you. Or I can find a different place to work, if need be.”

“Thank you so much for the offer, I will think it over.”

“Here is my card.”

“Wonderful, if you’d like me to show you the house, I’d be happy to do so.”

“Thank you.”

The tour concluded and Eliza found a couple of things wrong with the situation, but Eliza was most interested in the things in the house, she would need an itemized list of the couple’s belongings and what was originally in the house so that she could begin the necessary renovations and she could find a suitable place for the couple to stay while the renovations were taking place. She would need to make sure that the house stayed within code regulations for a historical building, and that it continued being taken care of properly. So much to do, so little time.

Eliza decided to visit one of her Boston friends and she reached out via social media to maintain her public status.

Bethany, I miss you so, visit me while I’m in Boston, and we can get fro yo!

Bethany messaged back, saying of course eliza, you are my girl, fro yo it is, boston style!

The two were seen walking in public with designer handbags, courtesy of designer Mali Na, their mutual friend from china.

They sat down at an outside table under a nice tree for shade with their yogurt and started a conversation after taking some selfies for social media.

“It’s so nice to catch up, how’s the family business?” asked Eliza.

“Well, I’m starting a nail polish line with a friend in honor of fashion week and we are debuting with an instagram contest. I’d be honored if you would model one of your favorite colors at the party and online for a photo shoot. My friend Bankston, has a fashion line coming out on TV and she is donating a whole bunch of dresses for charity and we are promoting them at the party, you can wear one that matches the nail polish you choose!”

“That sounds great. Who is doing the makeup? Bankston has that covered too, She has a personal makeup artist and she promotes her every day and so all of her friends will be at the party for the models.”

“Wonderful. It will be very important for us to support our friends at this event. You have to be at center stage throughout the entire night. No one can steal the spotlight from you. Who is in charge of food?”

“Oh, my co workers at the nail polish line (it’s called Nailed it! haha, they have the catering worked out.”


“A beautiful asian fusion bistro in New York, I already have it reserved, and I’m still looking for a party planner.”

“Would you like me to get my people?”

“That won’t be necessary. I’m sure you have a lot to do already. I heard you’ve inherited a ton from your grandfather this week.”

“That is true. That’s why keeping my life going as normal is so important. People need to know I’m still unchanged even though I have new things I have to do. I’m still me.”

“That’s wonderful to hear, I don’t want you to change. I love the person you are now!”


“Well I’m so glad we were able to hang out today and I look forward to the event, please contact me as much as you need or want to let me know how things are going or anything I need know about getting prepared.”

“Of course, and you always know that I’ll be here, if you need anything at all.”

“That is something I do know!”

The girls laughed and hugged and Eliza’s driver escorted her to the town car and then she was off.

She decided to call her mother and check in.

“Yes, Hello Mr. Bennington, I would like speak with my mother right away. Thank you. Mother? Yes, It’s me, Eliza. Yes, my trip to Boston was very fruitful. I was able to discover several things about the house. I spent some time with Bethany and she invited me to model at her debut for her nail polish collection. Of course I’m excited. Well, fashion isn’t exactly the field that suits my fancy. I’m more interested in history. Yes, I’m interested in the family history, why do you think I made a trip to Boston just to see this house right away? No, I”m not going to be a  property manager. Yes, I enjoy managing things. Mother, is this a bad time. Yes, I understand. Fine. Go and have your date. I can talk to you when you have less on your mind. Ta ta.”

Secretly Eliza wished her mother showed a little more interest in what she was doing and why, but the truth was that Eliza’s mother had never really been interested in her activities, not even when she was little. She had governess’s, nannies, au pairs, boarding schools, babysitters, and friends to talk to, she had even had to go to therapy at some extremely low points and when that happened her mother went on long vacations with friends to avoid thinking about these things. She wasn’t capable of really accepting she ever had a daughter, and now she couldn’t even be her friend. It was very depressing, but for some reason, Eliza couldn’t let it go, she loved her mother anyway and wanted to make her happy, though most of the time, it seemed impossible. Eliza’s mother had had several divorces but still managed to be quite wealthy, though Eliza’s father maintained most of the Rockefeller money and kept the Rockefeller title.

He was always out of the country, or in a meeting, and very hard to keep track of, and he was one of the most important people in the entire world. So they never actually tried to have a relationship. When he was in the house he was always having conversations with the staff. Most of the time Eliza grew up in a totally different home than her parents. She learned what being wealthy was, how to be successful, how to be a lady, and how to love, from her grandfather, and he was now retired, and so the family business was passed on to her. It was true, most people didn’t pass on their family fortune until they were dead, but her grandfather had so much wealth, that he had been passing it on a little at a time, It started when she was 10, she received around $10,000 which she was told to invest of course with her grandfather’s help into a start up business. It went well and the money grew and grew but of course, it wouldn’t become money she could spend until much later. When she turned 13, she received $100,000, and she was able to attend some meetings at one of her grandfather’s companies. She began to learn how business worked. When she turned 16, the money she received was amazing, a million dollars. Most of it she did finally get to spend on a car, owned by her, and the rest put into a savings account. A lot of money up until that point had been put into savings accounts for her, but it was time that she decided to save it on her own.

When she turned 18 she received a larger amount of money and this money she could buy a loft with. She chose to purchase a loft near where her grandfather lived, so she could study more of what the family business was supposed to be about. The spent a lot of time together and he confided in her past secrets, past mistakes.

He taught her valuable lessons about being wealthy, and combining old with new and the importance of love and friendship. The importance of knowledge of wisdom.

Her startup had grown into a very valuable asset, which she was now the owner of, and so she was able to make executive decisions, but her grandfather also taught her the importance of listening to those beneath you, and working on a team. So she valued not only the opinions of those on her board, but employees of the company, she tried to fire as few as possible and hire as many as possible if they were intelligent and hard working assets to the company. He also taught her that not everyone in life was your friend and trusting everyone was a poor strategy. Pretend as if you trust everyone so you can get to know them, and then pull out to the weeds and exploit them.

It was horrible when this happened, but Eliza had to do it occasionally. Trolls and people searching only for wealth who used her were not people she wanted in her presence. She tolerated them for awhile found evidence of their scandals and then showed it to everyone to make an example of their poor behavior. She admitted that she was a hypocrite, she was not perfect and she made mistakes, but she was not a user, she didn’t lie normally, and she hated scams.

There were things that she kept secret from the world.

Her mother’s countless affairs, her need to be truly loved by her parents, the wish that someday she would be remembered for something other than her family name, and her lust for an adventure.

She enjoyed most day to day activities, she in fact “lived it up”.

She wasn’t much of a party girl, she was a lady, she though did get to do exciting things like brainstorm ideas for renovations, business startups, model at fashion week, hang out with celebrities, have a lot of fans, go to a lot of charity events, be a ceo at the age of 17, and of course have the most amazing grandfather you could ever wish for, she didn’t have cook or clean, and she got to watch movies before they came out, and she helped design jewelry and clothing with her friends. being a rich person definitely had it’s perks but her life was far from perfect.

Sometimes when there was a scandal in their lives and they supported someone they loved in court they had to hold a press conference and they had to wear uncomfortable clothing for hours holding themselves together emotionally while random people they didn’t know took their picture and asked them intrusive questions about their personal lives.

Sometimes she had to take revealing pictures on magazine covers so she and her friends wouldn’t end up on a tabloid instead. It was a trade off.

Life was unfair. But she wouldn’t change it.

She had the power to help someone who was being bullied. Sometimes she would go on someone’s online account and message them if they had been depressed and give them an uplifting message and that could help them feel better.

That made her feel better.

She arrived home and took a long bath and then got in a satin nightgown and sat in her large bathroom and painted her nails. It wasn’t perfect, she would need to get a manicurist to come and correct it and do her hair tomorrow, also her makeup. She would need to make a public statement, but for now, she cozied up to a friend’s screenplay and drifted off to sleep


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