#doubleupday challenge will take me into tom..

so some ideas i have had have been pretty bad.

i started out with generic pornography and moved up to teen romance that turned into a sexthon and then i moved to wonderful ideas for children books and then my writing turned to a little bit of poetry

some general fiction that was a little too boring for me

and then some cliche stuff that was too boring for me.

what i need is an idea that will knock MY socks off, my FAMILY’s socks off, my READER’s socks off, and is fun to write, and is relevant to my generation.

brainstorming: fashion reality type workplace drama which centers on a stressed out intern who doesn’t really know how to get what she wants out of life and learns many life lessons while being thrown some major dramatic curveballs

a fictional story about two people who start out as snail mail buddies who get paired together in elementary school during the nineties and they live in different countries. they really form a bond over the internet, letters, international texting, and other types of communication. they are separated by money, families, careers, and schools.  by the time one of them reaches high school they apply for foreign exchange program and they petition to live in each other’s homes back in forth for two years.

during college they spend a little time together too and things get complicated, though their lives have taken different directions and they have secrets from each other, they still really care about each other and wish they could run away together

a story about a high school female bible study group that gets together once a week forms after a major school shooting. the girls and their mentor talk about the incident and also talk about their beliefs as they cope with the incident and they try to share their beliefs with others without offending them. they deal with family drama, and political problems and try to live in as godly way as they can. loving your friends can be hard, but loving your enemies can be harder.

thinking about these three ideas, i think the third idea has the most potential to be an important part of world history.

what would be really interesting is if i gave it a bit of science fiction flare.

a story about young adults who love the lord who get together once a week in a post apocalyptic world. they meet secretly to talk about problems they are having and their religious views as they cope with the incidents and they try to almost silently share their beliefs with others without offending them, or getting killed.  they deal with family problems, political problems, try to live godly lives while fearing for their lives. loving your friends can be hard, but loving your enemies can be harder.

i think that all around sounds like a much more interesting book.

houston we are ready for take off.

roger, roger.

take off in 3, 2, 1, lift off.


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