today was the day i realized that i’m not asexual

today was the day i realized that it’s fun to have sex with yourself when you base it off your own sexual erotica. so maybe i will continue writing sexual erotica privately for the private purpose of my own pleasure.

today was the day i realized that a famous person might or might not have lived up to their own expectations for themselves. like for real, their favorite movie which is like an amazingly good movie features a very weird romance between the two main characters of the movie.

NOT ONCE has he really been in a romantic movie as a main character.

he always hides in the shadows or hides behind characters that don’t let his emotions show.

face it when you are acting, whether you are another character or not, your real emotions are what is fueling that character. so the easiest thing to do if you don’t want people to know how you are really feeling, is play characters that don’t feel at all.

what that person might not have considered, is they could play a character (based on a similar personality to mine) who has TOO many emotions so that when an emotion happens, it’s not really his emotion either, because he has to pretend to do completely outrageous things like be upset because someone ate his banana or go through a phase where he is exploring being a woman so he is very feminine and goes to the mall to get his makeup done.

none of this is realistic and so when fronted with a reality crisis he wouldn’t be like i feel like i’m becoming my character.

so if the chance ever came for him to be in a DRAMAROMA and he was like, well this is of EPIC proportions and i’m the perfect man to play this role….. then he would need to have the chops to be a main character.

he needs to get the beef to just go up to hollywood people and be like, i need to star in a movie.

i am the best.

i am what you are looking for.

i do believe in myself.

i have a large fan base.

i am multitalented.

i can be funny.

so when you are looking for a person who can pull off anything, it’s me!

that guy is him and it’s possible that no one knows it except for me but i’m not sure because i’m not there.

i had this idea, because i had this coke that said, share a coke with ______

and i was like well the next time i see him it’s going to be so romantic an we are going to put two straws in it and sit at some table and drink the coke.

well i know that is never going to happen.

he is living a totally different life and i don’t even register in his hemisphere.

but there is a possibility that i could run into him next spring if i choose to go into his area where he’s going to be in the spring.

i haven’t decided if i want to do that because part of me feels unwanted. uninvited, i would be invading his space. he claimed that state and i’m not supposed to roam there.

anyways, i have this coke and it’s been sitting on my bookshelf glaring at me for like a year, and it’s not really like coke’s go bad, so i had an idea.

i was thinking that if i did have a coke and  brought it with me to his location and a ton of his fans were there i could take a sip of the coke, and then i could give it to him and he could take a sip, and then it could be passed around to everyone and we could all share a coke with him. and someone could get it on video and we could hold the world record of sharing a coke with the most people ever. (maybe i haven’t actually researched it) but i’m sure that the video would get a lot of views and put him even more on the map than he is already which would be cool for him. if he liked coke. i know it might be kind of gross to share a coke with that many people but a ton of people want to drink the same thing as a celebrity. so, i guess like, it’s up to them if they want to drink it. people share drinks all the time.

it’s not like an std will be passed around from the coke.

i don’t think.

well anyways.

i just thought after everybody drank it we could all write our favorite thing about him on the bottle and he could kept bottle. idk maybe he would like it or maybe he wouldn’t. but that was my idea.


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