Chapter 2

Eliza woke feeling rested and after applying some new makeup given to her by QVC to try and give some notes (she had to do that a lot, people valued her opinion), then she changed into some clothes she had recently had sent to her from Chanel’s new casual cruise line by her personal shopper. She took some selfies and uploaded them to the internet and commented on some friends’ photos, and then checked her email. She sent an email regarding her friend Simon’s screenplay. It needed some major editing in her opinion, there were far too many cliche’s , a pool party where everyone gets drunk and ends up naked, a sleepover where the main characters play truth or dare and spin the bottle, and an airport scene. Obviously those things don’t happen all in one story within two weeks. He needed to think outside the box and develop his characters more. The characters were pretty boring and there wasn’t any depth.

She tried to be as gentle as possible and gave some references he could draw from.

She got an email from the board of her company,

TO: Eliza R.


Subject: Meeting – SUN-RAY

We will be having a board meeting on May 12 and your audience is requested, the subject of this meeting is regarding a new technology we have aquasitioned, called SUN-RAY, the purpose of the technology is to reflect the sunlight into a mirror and use it to refract waves of light beams which can create heat energy that we can use to then affect sound waves. This is a very new technology which has been tested and worked before we acquisitioned, we will have a product display at the meeting, and we will discuss ideas for repurposing the technology and branding it for sale or mass market use. The meeting will be catered and last for 1 hour and be in board room C of the Blonde building.


The Board



FROM: Eliza R.

Subject: Meeting – SUN-RAY

I would  be obliged to attend this meeting, it sounds like a very useful technology. Please have in attendance the employees who acquired the SUN-RAY brand, and researched it. I think it would be cool to put together a team for each thing mentioned, REPURPOSE, BRANDING, SALES, MASS-MARKET. An additional team I propose could be RESEARCH. I look forward to this introduction to the future!


Eliza R.


Eliza thought for a couple of minutes after sending the email about what she should do next. She decided an entry on her blog would be a good idea.

Eliza’s public blog

Notice: this blog is the property of Eliza Rockefeller, anything that is written on this blog his her intellectual property and if worded differently, it does not matter, they are her ideas, and unless you can find an idea used earlier in time as evidence that can be proven in court by a judge and jury and you are found innocent, you may not take the ideas otherwise not only are you committing intellectual property theft, you are stealing, committing online piracy. and you are pretentious. you are a liar, a thief, a scandalous person, and do not have the balls to come up with your own idea.

May 6

A wonderful week lies ahead, as I sift through the wonders my family has left behind for me, I feel #blessed, #grateful, for all that I have been given. I am loving life and feel like I have been given a glorious purpose to RE-PURPOSE everything that I have inherited. everything we see in life, there is a use for, nothing is trash, everything is treasure, so as I go from house to house and I renovate, I will try to make my carbon footprint as small as possible, while preserving my family’s name and what we stand for. my family and I are not perfect, but we can start now to do good in the wold (not that we haven’t done good in the past), my company and I, BETA INTERNATIONAL INC. are working on some amazing projects that we will soon unveil, and my friends and I are all looking forward to fashion week. I have taken photos of myself today and yesterday of some of the latest fashions I have been wearing and the activities I have been enjoying and I have been so amazed with what the smallest things in life can do to your soul. I went out for fro yo with my friend Bethany and I was just so at peace with myself. I’m thinking that I might try to take a yoga class or something because the inner peace I’m feeling because of the love I share with my friends is just amazing. I need to cleanse myself of all the negativity in life and stretch myself higher and higher and reach for the stars. Work myself towards the best type of relationships so I can be pure inside. That is my BETA plan. ALPHA wasn’t workin’ for me 🙂 just kidding, but for real, there are so many things I can do and prioritizing is hard for me. I was on pinterest and I saw all these calendars and I was like, people design these these are gorgeous, maybe I should help someone design a calendar and then host their design on my blog and the art can be featured in my building at work for an entire year and then we can auction it off! I feel like that is a great idea!

So right now, I’d like to have some of my blog readers who are also artists please send me some art that reflects different seasons and beauty that resonates with them personally. Something that people want to look at for an entire month. If I like it we can work on a calendar together and hopefully I can make some money for you! Great!

comment with your art and watermark it so no one can take it and your email and I will email people that I want to work with! Thank you so much for everyone’s commitment to spreading positivity and growith through life~


Publishing her blog entry, she immediately had tons of viewers but she wanted to sit on it for awhile and wait.

She made coffee and went out for breakfast at a little bistro that had wonderful croissants that was within walking distance up the block. Everywhere she went it was inevitable that someone would know who she was and take her photo, so occasionally she posed with people and sometimes she just went on with life. It was an odd place to be in.

She received a text from her beaty team leader Franco that she needed to come down to Midtown’s finest salon MINUET PLAZA ASAP.

She arrived after waving down a cab impromptu.

Franco and Melba and Emmy they were all waiting, when she arrived they were waiting by the door.

“We have so much to do but you look wonderful you do, you look so wonderful.”

“Thank you my darlings.”

“We will do more than one thing at a time to save time Okay?”

“As always, you know I don’t mind, Franco.”

Franco was gay and Melba and Emmy were lesbian for each other.

They were still very professional though.

“We need to remove all the unwanted hair. It all goes.”

She was waxed, she was tweezed in many places all over her body.

“Your nails, they are painted. Who did this?”


“No, no you are not a professional manicurist, there is so much wrong with this.”

“Oh. Okay, well you can fix it.”

“Yes, of course I fix it. but you need to stop these things! You come to me first! Or in an emergency I come to you!”

“Oh, okay. haha.”

They painted her nails and toenails and as they were drying they started on her hair and makeup.

“Your hair, you need more conditioning treatments, and you need to style it every day. I recommend having Melba come every morning to your house to do your hair and makeup and touch up your nails.” Franco was very straightforward.

“I have a lot of money invested in your business Franco, but I don’t own your business yet. Haha.”

“A woman of your stature needs to look a certain way when going out.”

“Franco, I look amazing when I go out. I don’t need to look like I’ve been photoshopped every single moment.”

“Yes, but wouldn’t it be so much better if you did?”

“It would be painful.”

“Beauty is pain.”

“Franco why don’t you tell me about the latest beauty technique you used on the new star you designed, Bahraiyne?

“oh she is so fantastic. I decided to make her hair bright blue with gold and silver sparkles and jewels and as her stylist I decided that for her first music video she needed to wear black bedazzled corset with silver tights and gold pumps. She had on black lipstick and the smoky eyes. it was such a fun thing to design, but I understand you are more about the classic look, I like that too.”

“Yes, I am a lot more reserved, but I enjoyed watching her video.”

“you saw it already?”

“Yes, I’m friends with a girl from Candy Korn”

“you are? I have always wanted to style them when they were on tour!”

“I don’t know if I could make that happen, me and her aren’t that close. I was just with there at a party and she showed me the video.”


“Franco, you have so many people who need you here, people like me!”

“You are so right. I can’t leave these public figures without a stylist!”

By that point he had finished trimming her hair and was ready for a blow dry.

After she had her hair styled, and her makeup finished and a photo taken with her style time and she tagged all of them and the location in the image, she thanked all of them again, and she went next door for a coffee. It was then that she decided to start recovering the old volumes in the hundred year old library inherited by her grandfather. Located in Greenwich Village the library was sealed off from the public and was only open to the family and security.

She started Alphabetically and noticed it had never been properly sorted in years and she would need help sorting it. She could hire an intern majoring in library science. She phoned Columbia’s department of library science immediately and asked them to place a wanted ad in their email for library science majors and asked them if she could offer college credit on behalf of her family and her company. The dean would have to get back to her were the words spoken to her by a intermediary person in charge of answering phones directed to several departments, one of which was library science. They took a message. She gave them her email, and she asked them to please get in touch right away. “Of course we will, I’m sure it’s a matter of urgency on behalf of both you and the university.”

Eliza was not encouraged by this. She knew she would have to make a drive down to the university at some point and find out office hours and just find out exactly how to achieve what she was trying to do. Things like finding an intern at a university don’t just happen over night. She didn’t really want to involve her grandfather or her company because if there were any secrets, she didn’t want either party getting involved, this was her mess now. She would have her own team ready to pursue it.

She was already at the library so she decided she might as well get a handle on what was happening while she was there, she looked at spine after spine and nothing really stuck out at her until she took a look up stairs and she noticed it was quite drafty, she would have to call a handyman to take a look at the building’s vent system. She was sure that the heating and air conditioning hadn’t been updated for years. But something happened. A pile of old books were on the ground and an old lightbulb was hanging from a chandelier that was broken and it was glowing over the pile of books and it was flickering and a gust of wind came out of nowhere and the book that lie open started moving and the pages started flipping and it stopped when it got to the end and there she noticed that inside the book was a letter. It was plain to see it wasn’t hidden. It was just odd. She picked up the old book and the letter and the book was called, “The Mysteries of Old Cellars and Things they Can Hide Behind their Doors”.

“What an odd title for an old book.” she said out loud to herself.

She began reading the book aloud.

“Cellars weren’t meant just for storing pickled vegetables, your grandmother’s jams, and brooms. Behind every cellar door lies a mysterious secret, one you will find if you go and look deep enough for your self. Sometimes the story behinds your parents divorce is in your cellar, sometimes there are a lot of drugs in your cellar, sometimes there is a body dug into the cellar wall. Musty old cellars are a place that the majority of people don’t want to go. There are rats and mice and spiders there, old waxy candles forgotten, so forgotten they grew a cobweb and can no longer burn. Many cellars have plumbing problems and have leaks and mold growing in the walls. Many people have old wine bottles that are old memories they almost forgot but remember as soon as they remember to go down and pick them up. Other cellars have couches and people living in there and the couches have fermented and the person sleeping on it never journeys above to see the sun so all they end up seeing is no one. Cellars are a magical place for they are a great escape, from the torments of the living, most people in cellars are trying to contact death, using talismans, and voodoo dolls, idols, and most of all, they don’t even realize they aren’t alive, not even at all, they are dead inside. Cellars are definitely a scary place on a scale with cemeteries at night, summer camps, and attics, cellars aren’t a place I’d like to go, but there are secrets there, I’ve hidden one, I would know.”

Eliza looked at the author.  Marion Rothschild, this book wasn’t that old. This book didn’t feel very old at all, she didn’t know what to do. She remembered the letter. That felt very old. The paper was extremely thick, and on it were hieroglyphs, and pictures she didn’t understand written with black ink. She realized that she touched a very precious artifact.  She didn’t know what to do. She remembered her grandfather’s message. Volatile. Dangerous.

She couldn’t let everything else rot in order to protect a secret that she didn’t know anything about. If her grandfather trusted her with this he would have to trust her judgment. It’s just too bad she didn’t have any friends who could read egyptian, and she didn’t have time to learn egyptian.

She did however have time to enroll part time at a university to study a masterclass so that she could go undercover.

She loved college people.


She got in the limo waiting outside the library with the book and letter in a plastic bag and she had locked up the library with an old key and she put that in the bag as well and she told the driver to please take her to her loft.

As soon as she got home she called Bethany for advice.

“Hello babs what’s up?”

“Beth, I need serious advice.”

“Sure, Go.”

“If you were going to go to college for no reason whatsoever, and you weren’t actually going to graduate, what would you major in?”

“Hmmm. Are we going to bang some guys, are we looking to get a little smarter? are we going to come to Boston to hang with BEthieboo?”

“good questions. at this point, I just want to get into a good university that has a really good department of linguistics. but i’m not majoring in linguistics. i’m actually just going to take an undergraduate class in linguistics. but my major could be anything, i’m looking to get smarter. i could come hang with you in boston, but the thing is i need to be kinda close to my grandfather, because he’s getting old and he’s the closest thing to a parent i ever had. i am not looking to bang some guys. i have a long term relationship with my teddy bear luna.”

“I see, well i think you should major in something really interesting to me personally so that if we end up having to talk about it because you have a really boring homework assignment i don’t resent hanging out with you.  i also think you should think about doing a program that is like sometimes you have to be in boston sometimes you have to be in new york then you could be near me and your grandpa, besides i am going to have to be in new york anyways because it turns out that ‘NAILED it’ is getting a feature in Glamour MAG and I’m getting a major interview with NYLON. I’m so excited. So it looks like i’m rolling out the polish line to all the major nail salons in NYC. It’s going to be a pretty big year for me and my team. I’m going to have to be at a lot of major fashion shows.”

“WOW that is so great! my friend is working on a screen play right now, his name is simon, and it would be so cool if your nail polish was used in the movie!”


“So i have this issue, I need a really smart intern who is majoring in library science.”

“OMG my cousin’s neighbor is majoring in library science at MIT!”

“OMG really?”


“Do you think they would want to intern with me?”

“Well, it’s possible. I can text you his email. He’s so gorgey…. Just let him know that I gave you his email.”


“Well talk to you later lizalicious, you are you one true friend.”

“alright bethanybea. miss you.”

As Eliza ended the call she couldn’t help but wonder how much of that interaction was real on Bethany’s part. She enjoyed hanging out with Bethany, but she just had a feeling that she didn’t have any real friends.

She got out of the limo escorted by her driver and he asked her if she needed him to pick anything up for her. She replied that she was fine but eggs benedict for breakfast would be quite nice to wake up to in the morning and she preferred sparkling water. He was happy to do that for her (it was his job), and he tipped his hat and he left her loft and went off.


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