Chapter 3

Eliza was greeted at around 9 in the morning with her requested breakfast, she ate her food in her unmade bed, and as she gulped it down she emailed bethany’s contact at MIT. She also began applying at several colleges, Brown, (NOT Columbia), New York University, Harvard, Yale, and just in case, Dartmouth. The application process for her was quite simple, call her family’s contacts at each school and explain that she was interested in applying. While she still had to “apply” she didn’t have to be the one who had to fill out the application herself. She had her part time assistant fill out all of her information and retrieve her documentation for her. All she had to do was sign the papers after looking them over to make sure they were accurate. She went to the interviews with the university and she wrote her essays and if she needed to make a video or do any sort of audition she prepared for it. All of the tests she took were her own work, but endless hours of stupid questions about what gender she identify with and what race she identified with and whether or not she was an american citizen she really didn’t have time to do that, she was the CEO of a company and she would most likely be aquiring another of her grandfather’s companies and merging and BETA INTERNATIONAL INC. would no longer exist. It would become Rockefeller Corp INT.  and everyone at BETA would of course keep their jobs except for some secretaries and billing personnel, and the company would expand globally and would make triple the amount of what it made currently. So the fact that she was currently enrolling in college seemed really important to her because this might be the last chance she had to be a college student. After she aquired her grandfather’s company – Gentry Music Pop Radio (which actually had grown to be much more than a recording studio) she would own commercial airliners, huge transport boats, 18 wheelers, and several recording studios, along with a radio station, banks, a couple hotels in las vegas (with casino divisions), and a movie studio. This was just the beginning. She would be at the helm of a new arrival in history. scientific discovery mixed with musical brilliance and fashion fun. everything was going to change, but yet it was a return to the industrial revolution, the way that her family had started their genius! it was so exciting.

she was just sitting in her pajamas in a messy room with smeared makeup thinking about this when she received an unwelcome phone call. She decided to answer after several seconds.

“Hello? Eliza speaking.”

“Eliza, it’s me.”

“I’m sorry, who is me?”

“Me, I’m Reynold. Don’t you remember me?”

“Oh yes! Ha! Reynold. Now I remember. Why are you calling? I have very important things I need to do.”

“Well, I was just thinking I might try to see if I could apologize.”

“Well, let’s hear it then. Are you capable of an actual apology?”

“Eliza, I’m so sorry, for leaving you during the firework show on New Years.”



“Why?  Why are you sorry?”
“I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean.”
“Well, you said you were going to attempt an apology. When you apologize for something and you say sorry, you explain why you are sorry.”

“Oh. I wasn’t aware of that.”

“That’s so interesting, not only was I unaware you were a complete douchebag, I was also unaware that you were braindead. Reynold, please just LOSE my number, and forget that I exist, I do NOT accept your attempted apology.”

“But, I really am sorry.”

“Reynold, if you were sorry, if you really were, you would know why. I have to go now. Please just forget about it. Let it go.”

“But I’m so lonely….”

“Hmmm. I wonder why… Goodbye for the rest of eternity Reynold.”

Eliza hung up the phone and was caught up in the flashback of the memory when she told Reynold she had a dream that she was married to him and she had his baby, and the fireworks started over the Hudson River by The Statue of Liberty. She was so caught up in the moment and she thought she loved him, and she was so enraptured in their future that as soon as she heard the clock strike midnight and she was going to kiss him she realized she was alone. He had left her on New Years eve and she looked at her phone and she saw a photo of him kissing another girl on his account. and the caption said, Happy New Years everyone, let’s start things fresh!

Reynold wasn’t really anyone particularly special, he was just an upper east side brat, new money, not very intelligent, just someone who had his own reputation particularly crafted as someone who could climb their way swiftly up the ladder and someone who could take wonderful photos and make cool edits so basically everyone “needed” his help with their photos and public accounts, to be popular. Luckily Eliza had professional photographers and was photographed at events and people all over the world edited her photos so she didn’t actually need Reynold. If anything Reynold needed her. Reynold thought he was amazing because he though he could leave someone like Eliza and make her upset and alone on New Years. That lasted for like 5 minutes. About 10 minutes later Eliza had concocted an amazing comeback and a plot to overthrow Reynold who was a pathetic loser who used Eliza to be popular. Sure, Eliza used people to be popular. But Eliza was always popular. She sometimes needed people who generally used people to be popular to look good instead of looking horrible. It was just the way things in her world worked.

The most important thing was that she had exposed Reynold to people who were vulnerable to him. A lot of people used Reynold on a regular basis, something he was completely aware of, but for a while, Eliza wasn’t using Reynold. She genuinely had fun at horse races with him, baseball games, walks in central park, shopping together at Bergdorf Goodmans. They even went to FAO Schwartz and played the piano and were given time to play a duet together for charity, she had a really fun time.

Eventually, the truth came out and she was single again. This time she decided to stay that way and hang out with girls and gay guys.

So as she got ready for the day she needed to prove to everyone that the phone call didn’t affect her at all, she didn’t even care. She was sure that he had told everyone that she was crying and still missing him. That was not what took place. She chose a strappy tea garden style dress from the Banana Republic 2016 collection along with a men’s leather jacket from the same collection, and some Sperry sneakers. She tended not to replace her shoes as much as her clothing. She topped of the look with some essential Fossil accessories, a men’s Fossil watch, a leather bag, and some Ray-Ban sunglasses.

She decided to make the most essential use of the outfit and fact that this phone call mattered to her NONE, she would call all of her people and they would come with her throughout the day and be by her side doing important work related things that had absolutely nothing to do with her social life. She decided to run by BETA and pick out some attractive employees and hang with them and do some stuff that needed to get done while documenting the necessary things that being CEO was on social media.

Arriving at work, everyone stood up and clapped, and Eliza laughed and rolled her eyes, “You guys, that’s so not necessary. I’m not perfect. I have come here with a purpose. I will be running around the office, proceed as usual please do not mind me.”

Eliza walked around some cubicles wanting some attractive normal type people, who were dressed in more expensive type clothing. These type of people would be the more workaholic smart people she was looking for.

She found a young secretary whose boss was currently away on a trip and was very pretty, “Hello, I’m Eliza, how would you like to spend the day working with me?”

“That would be amazing! My name is Shelly.

“Great, so what we are currently doing, is looking for people who are attractive, and bored with their jobs, and smart, and like, have a wonderful personality.”

“Ok, well I have a crush on this guy..”

“yes, go on.”

“His name is Marco, and he works in accounting!”

“Wow, you like an accountant?”

“Well, he is genuinely interesting.”

“That’s really interesting.”


“Ok, let’s go get him!”

“well, can you make it seem really casual, like it was your idea? i don’t want him to know that I like him…”

“of course… I can definitely do that..”

Eliza went over to the break room and started talking to some random people and made herself a cup of coffee and was introducing Shelly to a couple of random people that she didn’t know. She asked Shelly super quietly which one was Marco and Shelly nonchalantly pointed him out and he looked like he was intensely focused on an excel spreadsheet.

“wow he looks really busy. are you sure that we should interrupt him?”

“He’s always saying during lunchtime that he deserves a promotion.”

“alright we will see if he deserves a promotion…”

eliza took her coffee and she started to briskly walk and “accidentally” spilled coffee on marco’s workspace, “OH MY GOD, will you watch where you walk?”

eliza was very taken aback. this was not the response she had expected.

“hi, i’m eliza, current CEO, of said company. So sorry about the coffee. You know, that wasn’t a nice way to greet someone who accidentally spilled coffee on you. What if I was having a bad day?”

“No, right I’m sorry.”

“Are you really? Because I think that if you were really sorry then you would not have said that in the first place. Why are you sorry?”


“You heard me.”

“I guess I’m sorry because I overreacted. It’s just some spilled coffee. No big deal right?”

“You guess you are sorry? So do you guess you are sorry, or are you actually sorry?”

“I don’t know.”

“Ok, you don’t know if you are sorry. So if I wasn’t Eliza, CEO of the company, you wouldn’t be sorry, but since I am, you are sorry.”

“I guess.”

“Ok, well Mr. Accounting man, you are fired, SORRY, NOT SORRY. Please leave your things here, we will have them personally cleaned, and then sent to your home address on file. Please take your keys and go.”

“Fine, Well, I should have received a promotion or at least a raise and bonus a year ago!”

“No. You shouldn’t have. This ‘attitude’ you have going on does not deserve a raise, promotion, or a bonus. If anyone else in this building has a problem with this, or needs a reminder of human decency I can arrange a counseling session with our in house counselor. Also, this is my company, so I don’t need to watch where I walk, and everyone that works here, has earned a place to work here, so they don’t need to watch where they walk either. You no longer work here, so you do need to step very carefully Bucko.”

Marco grabbed his keys and glared his way to the elevator and then left. Eliza walked back to the break room and Shelly started whispering, “Why did you do that???”

Eliza was trying to recover herself, “Shelly, any man who reacts like that to someone who accidentally spilled coffee on his workspace doesn’t deserve to be with you.”

Shelly gave her a hug, and just whimpered, “Thanks.”

Eliza had learned a long time ago that she had more than one side. At work she was one person. IF someone spilled coffee on her at work, she wouldn’t get extremely angry, she would merely be be afraid and surprised and ask if the other person was alright.  If Eliza was at a restaurant she would be EXTREMELY angry and act as though she were Marco, unprofessional behavior. She was the customer, she deserved to be treated with the royal treatment. And the customer was always right. And when she was the boss, she had a take charge attitude, if someone spilled coffee on her in a board meeting she would be politely upset, she would ask the intern to please fetch water and napkins and paper towels and clean up the mess as quick as possible, she would check for a burn as soon as possible in any situation and if she was in extreme pain she might not be able to excuse herself from screaming loud cuss words. The point was that there was a certain decorum of behavior in different situations and Marco didn’t have the right decorum to work beneath her. There were occasions when extremely talented individuals had horrible decorum and she needed them. She hid them away, and paid them to be invisible, but she needed their brains, their knowledge. In these situations she put them in a special department called “UNUSUAL PROJECTS” It was for creative unique individuals to follow their dreams within reason, and they had a different code of decorum and they had different type of space and project budget and meetings assigned to the team than the usual teams.

Shelly and her ran to another floor, this floor was mostly used for answering phone calls. A really attractive girl wearing what Eliza was positive was last season J.Crew head to toe in very good condition with very nice make up and a gorgeous purse and manicured nails and high heels, this was promising. Eliza hung up her phone as it rang and kneeled down and said “Hello, you. I’m Eliza. One and only CEO, How would you like to spend the day doing something else with me and my good friend Shelly?”

“It would be a welcome change!”

“Great! Let’s hit it. What is your name by the way? There is an empty meeting room on the fourth floor, so let’s go there and break down the rest of the day. I have some great ideas!”

“My name is Aly”

Once they had walked into the empty room and reserved it for the entire day, they began talking about their strengths and weaknesses as a team and what they could accomplish together.

Eliza realized that sometimes you had to take some people from the bottom of the haystack and place it randomly in with the cream of the crop in order for it to ever be noticed. So

Shelly noted that her strengths were in organization, art, and humor. Her weaknesses as pointed out by Eliza were finding out other people’s secrets, and letting things go.

Aly’s strengths were public speaking, having a charismatic personality, and keeping secrets.

Aly’s weaknesses were finishing projects, and making lifelong friends and staying in relationships.

At this point Shelly realized that she also had a difficult time starting relationships.

Eliza told them that her strengths were using money to make more money, coming up with lucrative ideas, being on time, and saving money.

Eliza told them her weaknesses were prioritizing and following instructions. She thought she might have ADD.

The others agreed and they laughed at this. It obviously didn’t get in the way of her achieving her goals and dreams.

So she confided in them that the company had recently acquired a new technology and they weren’t sure what they were going to do with it yet, and they hadn’t even seen the presentation yet, but she was very excited about this top secret thing, and she couldn’t reveal any details, but there was a possilbility that she might be relocating the two of them to a new task force.



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