i noticed

that i had 3 blog views. that was a bit unexpected. i wasn’t expecting any viewers, ever. so i want to clear the air. i don’t want people coming here because i have written evocative sexual things. if people are like really turned on by that stuff, i will have to delete it, because as a writer, i was just brainstorming and that’s just the direction that my story went which to me is extremely depressing because that’s not the type of audience i want to capture or the type of thing i want to spend the majority of time writing about. it doesn’t interest me and i have only left those posts there because they started out as a completely different idea which could possibly be useful in the future. SO. not only do i apologize if any underage viewers see the posts, but please don’t label me as a dirty slut because that’s not me. this is a personal place, and everyone has a reason behind what they write and i’m sure if you found an author’s personal journal most people have written such things at some point in their life and if you search your brain’s history of all of your thoughts you have ever had you have probably thought about some weird things before. so i think i can have a free pass.

I would just like to say, i’m not trying to draw people here because of those type of posts and that’s not the point of this blog and i needed to get that stuff out of my system. i might be done, i might not. i’m not sure, right now i’m writing at a stream of consciousness thing.

i would just like everyone to know that stuff would not be in any novel that i would publish. i’m not proud of those posts and it’s not my best work.

anyone who comes here just needs to have a BEWARE: THIS BLOG CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT awareness.

so thank you for reading, and i appreciate the fact that no one has posted any negative comments.

in fact i would appreciate if no one would comment at all. it could get in the way of my creative process.


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