Make a list of alphabetical advice.

A- ask for directions

B- Build from bottom to top.

C- Crowds are great for blending in.

D- Detention is a great place for make up work or making up class time.

E- Envelopes send messages better than email or androids.

F- Friends are better for real than for a purpose.

G- Good things in life come unexpected.

H – Hell is hot, and not in the good kind of way.

I – Ice has many practical uses, and none of them involve diamonds, babies, or sex.

J – Jello will leave a stain as will wine, so make sure you don’t care about your clothes when intaking either. Also, both can make you drunk if used in a certain kind of manner. protect your clothes.

K – Kindness is almost always a lie, don’t trust anyone.

L – Lying is a horrible strategy of covering up embarrassing flaws that people will most likely uncover anyways.  Come out with it bae.

M- Milk is a good source of calcium and unless you are legitimately lactose intolerant or severely obese you don’t need to drink nonfat milk. Sometimes I even drink half and half out of the carton. it tastes like heaven. i also drink rice milk almond milk and coconut water. there is no reason to discriminate against perfectly good milk cows. goats milk tastes like vagina yeast. don’t drink it.

N – Nasty things I can think of off the top of my head – people who did the ice bucket challenge (i understand that als is a serious problem, and i’m not sure if we as a human race cured it or not. i hope so. i am sincerely sorry for anyone who suffers from the disease) the reason i think it’s nasty, is because it drew attention away from the disease and made people look “TOTES amazing” dumping a pail of ice water over their head and every single person who did it was doing it because they had to top everyone else because they were BETTER and donated MORE than their “friend” that nominated them. it was like some gross truth or dare slumber party challenge where you get dared to run naked down the street and no one thinks you will do it so because you are embarrased and care what your “friends” think of you you have to prove that you aren’t scared of what the people you don’t care about think of you, and you only care what your “friends” think about you, and you legitimately care about the disease and want it cured and you will get all of your followers to donate in your honor because you ran down the street naked. because you topped the previous dare that someone else did (cutting someone’s hair while they were passed out drunk) which wasn’t even going to be remembered at the next party because they were going to wear a wig that looked amazing. another nasty thing – goat’s milk, someone who posts a picture on instaram every 30 minutes documenting every 30 minutes of their incredibly boring life.

O- Opium sounds really cool, as does Ophelia, and Ocean, and Orion. All of these things are incredibly dangerous and hold things, weapons inside of them that could kill you. You should be incredibly careful around these things. Don’t judge something based upon it’s beauty.

P – Peace is being used as something which everyone supposedly wants as a weapon. A cover to remove your defenses so that you can make a trade off. Don’t do that. keep your currency. stay the way things are. don’t settle. GET MORE THAN WHAT YOU HAVE. don’t settle for less. we can eventually get peace by fighting for it, we don’t have to use violence, we just have to be defensive. when someone is coming at you offensively with a cover of peace, that doesn’t mean they are offering peace. that is not the end game. don’t take it, keep your TRUMP CARD.

Q- Queens are royal, every woman alive is a queen in her own way, some are evil, some wonderful, but the glory doesn’t go to them or the kings. it goes to the creator.

R- Remember to let down your hair and go free and just don’t care.

S- Settling in romance is like getting halfway through a romance novel and ending up with the guy who was a distraction from the guy who you are really in love with.

T- Tea time is necessary, a very unbirthday celebration comes once an hour, and the mad hatter is waiting just a few minutes away, in your imagination.

U – United are we, the people, who are unhappy with the current state of the union and would like to request an EXTREME change and a vote based not on electoral college but on 100% of us, the people who show up to vote. that would be fair.

V- Venting is a necessary thing, if you don’t vent almost every day you will end up exploding.and not in the good way.

X- X-Ray’s don’t show the whole picture, they are designed to take a picture of the bone surrounding cartilage and any foreign objects, they show what’s underneath the surface. but they don’t show everything. there are other filters for that. cat scans and such.

Y – You who have read almost my entire list of alphabetical advice have most likely thought upon something new, if you haven’t maybe you know me pretty well. either that or i’m pretty generic and cliche.

Z – Zenith, the end, the person who I wait my days for. I follow and leave, and I travel ,and I have been in more than one place at a time, and I have traveled through time and space to  see, it is he, for I am me. He has taught me to be, the person I am supposed to see, I’m writing this for him, whether he cares, is completely annoyed, angry, and fuming, I’m a poison and an infection. I can’t leave. Or I don’t exist, I am carbon dioxide and a tree turns me to oxygen and random people breathe me and then i become c02 again and again, the circle of life. until the end where the only thing that mattered was myself, my memories.


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