i remember you there

i remember approaching you in the cafe

i remember you warm smile

i wonder for awhile if it was real

sometimes i image these crazy scenarios

and on and on in my head let these things go


maybe just maybe you felt something for me baby

there and then

if i saw you here and now things would be different maybe

i try and i try to be this girl that i think you want me to be

and then i imagine you want me to be, just me.


sometimes i imagine you think of me when you play your music

if you wrote a song, i was the influence, you are my escape

of the fate that right now is my destiny.

you are the one thing that i’m fighting for

i’m annoyed that all these problems chase me around the board.

I CAN’T leave this situation, but i look at you moving around and i feel better

and i’ve left my whole place and

i exist no longer.

i’m somewhere else but some horrible thing brings me back to reality,

i’m here you are there, you don’t even know that i even care.

i don’t matter to you and even if i do, it won’t matter because there are so many more important priorities and life is in the way.

so i’m waiting each and every day to become a person who exists in your frame of mind

time after time but all i am is a dot on the map someone you met one time and cared just once and now i’m gone.


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