#paperlovestory9 lifelessons learned sofar

  1. even if you feel negative, don’t always say how you feel ALL THE TIME, sometimes it’s better to pretend to be positive or you will lose everyone. but if you care more about the truth of the matter, say exactly what’s on your mind all the time, do the selfish thing, because that’s the honest thing. if you want an honest response, be honest as much as possible and you will find out the truth. the truth hurts. be ready for a painful life, but pain is just weakness leaving the body.
  2. don’t care about people that don’t care about you if someone doesn’t show up for you, don’t show up for them, unless you can’t help but care about them anyways, that means you LOVE THEM UNCONDITIONALLY and they will always be worth your time no matter how many times they hurt you, and you may be able to teach them something because when you care that much for someone, you will end up always being there for them.
  3. give up on things that you don’t care about, don’t waste your time trying to be perfect at something that isn’t something you would spend every single moment doing in your free time.
  4. believe that God will carry you through the tough times, trust in Him. don’t give up on yourself. give up on others, but not yourself. you have to be in your own company 24/7 so accept everything about yourself. if you don’t love everything about yourself and you conform to society you will end up hating life.
  5. don’t do something just because EVERYONE else is doing it. do EVERYTHING YOU DO because you want to do it.
  6. find out what you love most in the world at every moment, and do that.
  7. forgive yourself for your mistakes, and then change your behavior to be who you can accept.
  8. if you lose someone you love, don’t wallow in misery. realize that death takes everyone at some point. it’s inevitable that you will die too. do you want someone to live by your example and wallow in misery because you are dead? that’s pathetic. you are no longer with us. you are gone. lost, forgiven, not here. it’s not a sad thing. it’s a good thing. it’s meant to be. be happy. every thing was supposed to leave earth. for we are not from here.
  9. be as creative as possible. create and make new things. don’t copy other people’s ideas. be inventive, think outside the box. when i was in this class in elementary i had a hard time grasping what it meant to “think outside the box” i started to realize that it meant to be different from other students my age, and use my brain to come up with ideas that were using the tools around me to create a solution that was very simple but not something that was obvious to someone who was “normal” I BECAME MY OWN SOLUTION.
  10. therapy is only helpful for so long. medicine can only help so much. doctors can’t fix every single problem. sometimes they make things worse. police don’t understand every emergency. sometimes when the fireman show up and there’s no fire, and they cause me to panic, they create a disaster that wasn’t supposed to happen. don’t trust people who were supposed to help. nurses claim to be extremely busy. they aren’t nice and doctor’s give a lot of their work to the nurses and hospitals aren’t organized.
  11. not everything is what it seems. hollywood is smoke and mirrors. i don’t want to be famous. i don’t want glory. i don’t want TOO much money. i just want what i want. I don’t want a whole bunch of attention. i want some real relationships. i want a cuddle buddy. i miss something i never had, something i imagined. i created something in my mind. a fake movie that doesn’t exist and i’m the star. part of me doesn’t exist. i want something that isn’t real.
  12. obsessing over people who believe they are above the “norm” isn’t fair to them, it’s not fair to you, and it’s not realistic or healthy. it’s also not fair to the millions of people that have to hear about it.
  13. creativity is everywhere. you can find it in nature, you can find it in everyday products, you can paint a piece of paper just one color and that is art. do something artistic everyday and you will become more and more creative and hopefully more self-aware and positive.
  14. you don’t have to spend a lot of money on an art class and art supplies. sometimes when you begin doing arty stuff all the time you feel the need to invest a lot of money in art products but it’s not necessary. you can buy cheap stuff and be satisfied without going to buy a whole bunch of extra stuff you don’t need and taking a class that takes away your creativity. i don’t need to take a writing class. i became a good writer by observing thousands of movies and reading books over a period of 20 years. even being slothenly and lazy has a purpose. now i’m writing a novel every day and i’m brainstorming and i feel like i have a purpose. i don’t know if i’m going to become a published author. i don’t know if i’m going to make any money from this. but i’m healthier now than i was before i started this blog. 🙂
  15. practice your hobby. if you want to write a comic, create a comic and draw, and letter, and come up with plot ideas and write your comic alone. that’s your passion, if you don’t have fun doing that, that’s not what you are meant to do. if you want to be an artist, then you can make youtube videos instructing people how to successfully do stuff with the materials they should probably have already. if you are a writer, there are A TON of creative things you can do, write a blog, start stories, children’s books, write in a journal, research events, and other things. just write as much as possible. see what works and what doesn’t. form your craft and do it as much as you can without feeling like you are OBLIGATED. you should have fun doing it!
  16. electronics are wonderful tools, but they take away from seeing people in person. when i was in middle school i used to visit my friend’s houses. i had sleepovers. now i understand that a lot of people my age are married and they are in school and they have jobs or whatever they have kids. i don’t see why i can’t meet up once in a while to have coffee. a dinner party. an occasional movie. one of my friends texted me last night to let me know her schedule was freeing up at work. i am still very upset with her based on some previous conversations that we had. i told her i don’t want to have any friends. that’s the case for me personally. i told her i don’t ever want to be her friend. that seems a little extreme i know but i have stopped being anyone’s friend. i think it’s really a healthy thing for me to do. i’m moving. i’m cutting all ties and i don’t want to miss people from my past like i have previously. if i don’t have any friends i won’t miss anyone.
  17. i’ve learned a lot more than those things. keep learning all the time.

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