piboidmo days 8 and 9

weird my post was like missing that i wrote.

i think i accidentally deleted it.

Brown – the color that you can mix up as much as you want, almost

Gregory and the Growing Ground in the Greenhouse Garden

Blue Violets – the reason that some flowers found a claim to their name

Truck Driving, 18 wheels : a day in the life (a counting adventure)

Muddy max, the cat who acted like a dog


ellie wellington – the proper poodle who thought she was a cat

so these, aren’t exactly the same ideas i thought of in the previous post, but i think that’s a great thing, (to be positive) because that means my creative spark is clearly working and i have been able to come up with some more great ideas that i could work with in the future.

see i’ve decided that during the month of november i’m just coming up with the ideas for my children’s book and what will actually occur is i’m working on churching butter for my adult/teen novel, so basically right now for my children’s book i’m just brainstorming and reading blog posts, and when i have some space for artwork i can do like a month of art, and a month, of  children’s writing, a month of editing, and maybe after i get some serious work out, i can start mixing it up based of what i’m interested in working on that day. sometimes i wish i had a creative team to help me with stuff, but right now, i am not at that point in my career. like, i don’t even know if i have a career at this point.

so that’s a goal i have, in the future, have a creative team that i like and trust. 🙂


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