sexy on my mind

he grabs my knee and pulls my leg up toward his crotch, my heel touching his hardness, he pulls off my stocking quickly, and not in a gentle kind of way.

He stares me down and I remove my black high heel and then slowly roll down my white knee high to reveal pale white skin underneath, my flesh cold and so ready to be petted my this new love. I was wearing a skirt up until that point and I was sitting in a chair and he asked, “Cindy, Will you please lean back, there’s something I’d like to see.” I lean back in the chair and slouch, but he grabs my hip hard and moves me, jolts me, caresses me firmly. I mean tilt you chair. I want to see up your skirt, Cindy.

I open my legs while smiling at the handsome man, and  putting my weight on my tip toes tilt back the chair to reveal that I’m wearing silk panties that covers everything.

“oh cindy, that will not do. you can’t wear those for  very long, not around someone like me.”

i laughed wondering what he would do and squeeled when he picked me up from the chair and then carried me over to the bed. unbuttoning the sweater i was wearing so it showed some cleavage that the push up bra i was wearing was pushing up quite a bit, he traced the line all the way down to my crotch and the feeling was beautiful.

enticing dangerous.

i needed more sweet love. i could not stay still. he was being so still and gentle, looking in to my eyes, staring me down and i couldn’t look at him will he was doing these evocative things to me.

he opened my legs and began to slowly finger play and i was just focused on trying to enjoy the moment but it ws nearly impossible. there were so many things i was thinking and wondering about it was nearly impossible.

His finger entered and retreated, entered and retreated. tickled and entered and then left i was only able to lay there and feel this agony this lust and this torture.

i wasn’t sure what i wanted.


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