sweet dreams

i woke up this morning to a dream where i was having a shared experience with emmy rossum and we were doing some sort of activity.

i think you might have been there.

after reading some updates on the internet which are completely stupid articles meant to just add to your complete package, in my opinion, but i wouldn’t know…

i just saw, oh his boyfriend referred to him as bae.

ok, OMG that’s breaking news, the entire world NEEDS TO KNOW. i already knew. big whoop.

it’s not a big deal


yeah, um, happy couples tend to do that. it’s pretty common.

anyways back to my dream i woke up and i started having a half asleep half awake lucid dream sort of thing where i imagined that emmy and you and i and abigail breslin were all hanging out together. we were like at a park and we were playing on a playground there was no judgements, and we weren’t being payed, we weren’t concerned about our appearances. we were just having fun together. we were happy. no one was there but us and we just were laughing like children but we weren’t children but we were playing pretend and everything was not like it is now. it didn’t have to be this way, just for a little while.


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