#paperlovestory30days CATCHUP and also today

10. stationery items on my wishlist

Alice in Wonderland RULED NOTEBOOK line journal diary lewis carroll hardcover oohlalafactory (eBay)

Moleskine Classic Notebook, Large, Squared, Brilliant Violet, Hard Cover (5 x 8.25) (Classic Notebooks) (amazon)

Stabilo 88 30-Color Wallet Set (amazon)

Marrywindix Tech 6 Sheets Decorative Scrapbooking Craft Sticker Diary Album Sticker Adhesive (amazon)

Wrapables Decorative Patterns Masking Sticker Set – Pastel (amazon)

Wrapables Decorative Patterns Masking Sticker Set, Basic (amazon)

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Diary V.22 (Original)-Undated Perpetual Annual Weekly Daily Planner Journal scheduler Datebook (amazon)

11. my best and worst qualities

i always know an immediate answer without spending time to think about it, but that sometimes leads to a horrible chain of events

i am very intelligent which causes me to sometimes be egotistical and full of myself

i have very good taste – this is all in my perception

i am very self-aware, i am not aware of others most of the time

i’m bipolar, and this causes me to be very emotive and creative

my mental illness has caused me to lead a very unique life

i’m very close to my parents – i’m not very close to anyone else


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