25 things i did before i turned 25

  1. i said my first word – bubble followed shortly by heart, and star.
  2. i wrote a story.
  3. i wrote a song.
  4. i performed on stage.
  5. i met my favorite celebrity.
  6. I traveled out of the country.
  7. I became a Christian.
  8. I lost faith: I came back to Christ.
  9. I went on a cruise.
  10. I learned to play piano.
  11. I learned to read music.
  12. I went to therapy.
  13. I went to the mental hospital.
  14. I had major surgery.
  15. I got pnemonia.
  16. I had an iPhone.
  17. I got drunk.
  18. I lost my v-card.
  19. I went to college.
  20. I had a boyfriend.
  21. I was/became an artist.
  22. I learned what it meant to fail.
  23. I learnt that it’s nearly impossible to waste time.
  24. I loved + lost.
  25. I became obsessed.

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