NOVEMBER 12 2015 #paperlovestory30Dchallenge day 12

what are your favorite memories?

I have protected people’s names for mine and their privacy

A and I holding hands

A and I pretending we are condiments

A andI having a serious talk (a lot of times)

A and I swinging

B and I swinging

B bopping my nose and telling me I was the cutest one and we also had a lot of serious talks

A making me a friendship bracelet the first time I met him.

A crying when he thought I was dead or lost forever.

B G listening to a walkman.

B G telling me he had a crush on me

B G being jealous of my crushes on B and A.

B G trying to be the middleman and paperboy between B A, and I.

sadly I never ended up with any of them. they are all lost to me forever.

R F admitting he liked Lost.

R F trying to convince me to watch Heroes after I had watched it live like 4 years before.

R F admitting I was his best friend on New Years.

R F and I talking about psychology.

R F & I’s skype sleepover.

R F tickling me.

R F holding me in the parking lot.

R F getting into the empty bathtub.

My parents like every thanksgiving.

My parents slowly realizing they LOVED Arrow.

My mom admitting Arrow was hot and Grant Gustin was cuter than Arrow.

R S when he got his first Koala Crate.

Meeting Z (the cooler one) for the first time (sort of)

My reaction to the realization that he stole my idea.

My reaction to his new boyfriend’s face.

My reaction that he lied to my face.

My realization that he lied about R W.

C A’s commentary.

Maxwell massaging me after surgery.

Caring about a person that died.

The women’s conference.

The walk through bethlehem.

like every choir performance ever.

joining the church

my experience learning about catholocism.

my realization that sororities aren’t important.

my realization that a college degree was unimportant to me (it’s a #piece of paper)



going and printing out every possible calendar and activity page the universe has to offer.

#being excited

#something else


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