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  1. piboidmo catchup stuff

ideas for day 10:

dreams… where they come from, why we have them, and how to use them to find out who we are

(i might shrink down the title)

good morning, It’s time for Breakfast!

emotions we have and how to deal with them

those are not really fictional, but they are for younger ish children who like to be read to or to read themselves and i do plan on either illustrating them myself or having them illustrated if i do write them in the future of my life.


the time the potty wasn’t A POTTY! (my trip to france and adventures in the bathroom)

once upon a time, (a fill in the blank story book that ends differently every time!)

grandma’s cooking, (saying goodbye and how we know when it’s forever)



noodles, doodles, and poodles – words that rhyme and how they all fit together (something like that)

a day on the lake or goin’ fishin’

passy, baba, blanky – it might be time to let a couple of these things go BYE BYE.

DRAWING ON THE WALLS, PAINTING ON THE FLOOR, AND let’s break all of the stuff we can! (let’s not!) the secret that you need to know about art.

TODAY’S actual post: day 12 piboidmo:

Jesus loves the little children of the world!

Joseph and his many colored coat

Moses’ Story (from a cat’s POV)

ELLIE BELLY WELLINGTON: the poodlewoodle who always got wet

the boy who loved tractors so much he lived in the garage

max the cat and his path to love

sophie the french cat – her foreign exchange (comes with stickers)

sophie and max

max and moses

MJ – mary jane and her odd tendancies

PRINCESS p. and PRINCESS m. the cats who took out an insurance policy on my house.

pee pee and poo poo – why and when we have to go! (also where)

toy toys wonderful toys, letting things go that we don’t use every day.


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