a beginning of something to write.

a teenage boy named colin laying in bed hears his alarm go off and sits up and stars the viewer in the face. he looks stunned. his hair is disheveled and he is wearing a white t shirt that says, ‘If you eat me, I’ll get bigger.’

Colin: Fuck. Not again. Not another stupid day.

Colin’s Mom: (yells from downstairs) Breakfast is ready, that is if you want a banana! Get out of bed! It’s time for school. Don’t make me come up there!

Colin: Fuck.

Colin is generally known as the sexiest guy at his school but he is a bad boy and he is bisexual so people have mixed feelings about him. Colin rolls out of bed and has a very large boner.

Colin is now wearing pants and is downstairs in the kitchen where his mother is wearing a silk robe which is parted and so he can see her entire naked body. She is fucking a random guy and Colin has no idea where he came from. Colin is generally turned on by this behavior and likes to encourage it. He grabs a banana and walks out of the house fantasizing about several different things.

When Colin arrives at school several different people grab different parts of his body and he is pretty turned on at this point. He decides to make a statement.

Colin: Does anyone know where Candace is?

Joe: Who’s Candace?

Colin: Candace Baker?? She’s SMOKING hot.

Mike: I don’t know a Candace Baker.

Colin: Well you should. Canned Ice, helps you get baked. I need to get high, right here, right now, then I need to get laid.

Devon: (female) Me and my girls got you. We will hook you up.

Colin: So I smoked it, and I snorted it. Now I wait.

Devon: What are you waiting for?

Colin: your body.

This was all happening on the front lawn of the school.


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