the world is too big to be that small – title WORK IN PROGRESS

hard hats required….

Forwarned was she who entered the house of thee who coveted the attention of all who waited on the power of we.

For those who shallowly dipped their toes into the throngs of sins and songs and woes, they did not care forswear it so, and so it goes the bellows of the mellow yellow fellow.

I waited and wrote and I sang like a rocking boat, and the tides drifted here and there and it felt like infinite cause and passing of time, but time was an illusion of my mind. The growth of the weeds plucked from the gardens of songs of lyres and flutes, the offtunes and offbeats they just made white noise and I hated that, and I swatted at those symphonic players like a fly.




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