the waiting game

George sat staring into his reflection in a bird bath while smoking a big fat cigar.

of course that was not all he had smoke that evening, twilight had come sooner than expected, and so his appearance was murky, he couldn’t quite make out his eyes, his lips.


He heard laughter and yelling from another part of the lawn. “Jesus will you shut the fuck up Korey? You are going to damage my brain cells one by one with your incessant fucking snorting shit talking voice. It’s just NOISE to my ears. Not one sound that comes out of your mouth is pleasant. Give me some fucking space. I need to think.”

George sat in a lawn chair by the pool and looked up into the sky.

Alexa sat next to him and started singing, “Everything, is going to be alright, everything is going to be alright, everything is going to be ALRIGHTTTTT!”

George grabbed the throw pillow and threw it in her face and then threw the cigar in the pool. “You too, you little fucker! I need quiet”

Alexa came over and layed on his chair and looked at the moon, and laughed, “Hey Goerge?” She pointed at the moon, “What fucking planet do you think that is?”

He glared right into her eyes and she just looked there so innocently and just kissed him and then they made out and then it was off with the pants and into the pool and just everything became murky.

The next morning George woke up with Alexa in his large room. Everything was black and red and it seemed as though he had everything.

No one knew what he was always thinking about. But George knew, he knew and he couldn’t keep it to himself for much longer. He was really stressed and fucked and he knew this fantasy was about to end and the stress was getting to him.


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