the journey you are on is slow and steady

make your mark so that when the time come you will be ready

you hear the bb gun pop 3 2 1 go, start your engines baby let’s roll

everybody shifts into second, but here you are dwindling, time is taking it’s toll

you don’t want to regret any decisions you made, shhhh let’s not make any

just throw a parade, we’ll have one every holiday you’ll see celebrating anything everything , found a penny!

good luck baby you say to me, don’t give her a kiss, make her bleed

cigarettes and coffee, yoga and meditation, we’ll find out how much i’m in need

she made a run for it yes, bae go go go, i’ll sit here and watch her exhert herself physically mentally

honestly i don’t know who i’m rooting for anymore this shit is crazy maybe i’m the lazy one, the hazy one, this level of brutality

i tell myself it’s what i’m used to, if she was with me, she’d deal with it, she can’t have me

that’s why these walls are up, it’s for our insanity

i’m going crazy sending these codes

but she’s breaking through all the nodes

tombs, secret passageways, i don’t care what i have to do i’m running scared now

i’m the chicken i’m the bird i’m the one who can’t handle the brow

i’m sweating i’m bleeding i’m screaming i can’t see straight

i can’t even walk mate

lift me up

she grabs me and tosses me over her shoulders it’s over now baby don’t you see you should have just come with me, trusted in me, yup yup

everything is easy now that we’ve got each other

i should have known i can’t escape my older brother

time is tantalizingly trippy tick tock

don’t stop i’m holding on now to your lovely lock.

your key it fits right  into my heart

“you don’t say” she says

i blush deeply and a beat skips and i pull her close and say let’s make a big  mess





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