what the trees think

two seeds were planted during a spring crop

they were planted right next to each other and they were the same kind.

the gardener tended to them every day, and at first, for a long time, for many years,

the seeds, grew….

they both grew up into maple trees, stand tall, one next to the other.

they would talk to each other during the rainstorms and breezes would pass by sending the pollination to each tree and at the very top of the tree the would look up into the clouds and send thoughts to each other.

do you think we will be cut one tree said one day?

i hope not the other one said, but if we are, i hope that our roots intertwine and when we are cut the deadness rot left behind becomes something else and the ants and the worms and the birds and  all of the other animals use our roots and we will stay part of this earth forever. we will always be staying right here next to each other right in this spot.

i hope so too, the first tree said.


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