violet needed to get all of the vampires off her mind. she was tired of all the tales she had been told of romania and the horrible things that happened with the bloodsucking demons of the night.

she had heard other tales about romania.

she wanted to travel there to see what tales were true.

who cares if she becomes a vampire.

she wanted to seek out the dragons, to tame them, to ride them, and to become a mystical dragon whisperer.

she knew that the crystals in the caves of romania held the key to such forces of nature, darkness.

she had heard tales that the bats lived in these caves and that when a virgin entered she became a servant to the eternal dracula.

she knew that her life would not go on that way. she had a purpose to serve, and serving dracula for eternity and dying in his arms, those things were not in her endgame. she would tame a wild dragon beast and kill the mother fucker if she had to.


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